Simone Liberali is a fresh young Italian talent, making waves internationally. Distinguished for his powerful, percussive and playful sound, Simone has found homes on labels including Incorrect, NONSTOP, elrow, Material and AVOTRE as well as seeing him tour the world and play in renowned clubs across the globe including Egg London, elrow Barcelona and Pacha & Sankeys in Ibiza.

We talked to Simon Liberali about the creative process behind his new EP Landslide, out now on Saved Records


Hi Simone! Thanks for joining us. 

First off: You’re EP Landslide is out on 2 August and has been described as being reminiscent of groovy Detroit Electro- can you elaborate on this and perhaps talk about your personal inspiration behind the track?

There wasn’t one particular inspiration for this song but a culmination of a few things that really all came together for the finished record, I had never worked with a vocalist before and felt after a few years of producing now my production was at a level where i really wanted to try and push myself so i looked for a vocalist and came across Jinadu, we spoke on Facebook for a few days, i sent him the instrumental and a week later he sent me the acapella and i was blow away so worked on the track straight away and it was finished in 2 days.

We read in another interview that you seek to create to do something different with each release you put out- how does Landslide differ to you previous release Vertigo?

I’m always pushing myself to improve my production so I’ve recently taken up piano lessons to improve as I was self taught before and I can hear this improvement from my Vertigo EP but of course having Jinadu on the record has been the big difference, he’s worked with some great artists and it was a real pleasure to work with him on Landslide.

Do you prefer to use software or hardware when producing a track? Why?

I love the use of synthesizers and drum machines because they give me the freedom to experiment and change the sound until I reach what I like! Slowly I’m buying more and more, my bank account doesn’t love me for it but it makes me happy!

We read that you are from Pavia in the North of Italy- can you tell us a bit about the music scene there and how life is, generally?

Yes, I live in Pavia where unfortunately the nightlife isn’t the best but I am lucky that it only takes 30 minutes to get to Milan. It’s a great city; there are so many opportunities for all musical genres especially house and techno. A little while ago I played together with Luciano at the Detroit Milan party at the Magazzini Generali, it was amazing playing in this iconic club.

Music has always been a part of you but was there ever a chance where you could have ended up in a different profession?

Yes of course! Before dedicating my life entirely to music I was a university student and I was studying Economics. I don’t know why I chose Economics but I felt like I had to study after school but not really knowing what I wanted to do. After I did my first tour of South America I decided to give up my studies and dedicate myself 100% to my music career. It wasn’t an easy decision to tell my parents but I’m so happy I made this choice and love what I do every day.

Name your five go-to Summer 2019 tracks…

1 Simone Liberali – Landslide

2 The Martinez Brothers – Hitman

3 Hot Since 82 – Street Lights

4 Jhoelyson – Discow

5 Nic Fanciulli – Miracle (Bodyrock)

Do you have any hobbies outside of music?

I love football; I was always playing before and whenever I can now I try play with friends along with going to the gym, its super important to stay fit!

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life…

In Italian we call it Crudo which is basically raw fish but it’s the way its prepared, very similar to Sashimi. Shout out to Zio Pesce in Milan my favourite place to eat!


Listen to Simone Liberali’s Landslide EP below: