Thomas Von Party, music business extraordinaire and electronic artist has made his mark in the music scene. His psychedelic sounds entrance any crowd that he plays for, from festivals such as Burning Man to a small crowd at a local club, Thomas Von Party surely sets himself apart in his far-out exotic melodies. Originating in Canada’s music hub, Montreal, Von Party will return to his hometown this July to join a variety of artists from around the world at Montreal’s AIM Festival, except he will be hosting his very own  ‘Multi-Culti‘ Stage, over the course of the weekend with acts such as Dreems, Sabo, Thomass Jackson and more!

Taking place from July 12-14th, set at the historic Carillon Park, AIM Festival will expose attendees to leading edge multi-media from all over the world. This year’s edition is in fact, the 5th anniversary, and will showcase 4 hour extended sets from Danny Tenaglia, ANNA, John Digweed and more! In light of unique art and sound, we asked local artist Thomas Von Party about his sound, business career, and thoughts on playing at AIM festival. Here is what he had to say…

You have had an adventurous career so far, as both an artist and a businessman, you have started not only your own label, Multi Culti, but also opened up a club in Montreal, Datcha, where you act as both the music programmer and resident DJ. What prompted your desire to expand your career into the business side of things, and how do you believe it has helped you grow as an artist?

I actually started my career on the business side of things, working for my brother at DNA Records store and Turbo Recordings. It’s only recently that I’ve put any energy towards my career as an artist. I suppose its all been very intertwined, running labels and nightclubs and DJing are all similar in that they involve curation.

Your sound is best described as far out house music that experiments with exotic and psychedelic sounds. How you do you continue to produce your individual sound while staying current and adapting to new genres?

I sincerely never think about genre unless the question comes up ‘what kind of music do you play’ to which I never find a satisfying answer. I listen to everything and like my DJing to reflect that. The bright side of not having a focused sound is that you never go out of style.

In music, and everything else, I think the essential thing is that you share something from your experience, something you love, something that feels part of your very shape.’ – Thomas Von Party

As any artist would believe, self-expression is extremely important. What do you believe is most important about self-expression through your sound and what are the different ways you do so?

Self-expression is as vital as we feel it to be. I’ve always respected people who don’t feel the need to constantly assert their voice, but go with the flow and leave more space to listen. In music, and everything else, I think the essential thing is that you share something from your experience, something you love, something that feels part of your very shape.

You have played at a variety of fun and different festivals all over the world such as Piknic Electronik and Burning Man. How do you believe AIM festival compares to the locations you have played throughout your career?

AIM Festival is a very home-grown effort and I really like that. A lot of the best parties and festivals I’ve played over the years have been more local and low-key. Of course things like Burning Man and Glastonbury are amazing spectacles, but I’m a big fan of community gatherings and those often happen a bit off the beaten path, in smaller markets.

You have remixed for a variety of artists, what are the different ways you illustrate your sound when remixing another artist’s song?

I just try to take what I like about the original, add my own groove and not ruin it!

AIM Festival is just around the corner, you can purchase tickets here and RSVP to their Facebook event!

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