DJ and producer Steffan Blaze looks to his new EP on Moon Beam Records in April. Here he takes time to talk about his inspirations and his music…

Hi Steffan, thanks for taking the time to talk to Music is 4 Lovers. Can you tell us where about in the world you are based and how things havebeen for you over this last year?

Hi Music is 4 Lovers, it is a real pleasure to share my passion for music with you. My name is Steffan Blaze, I am from Nice, in the South of France, on the French Riviera. Indeed, this year was very difficult for artists because events were cancelled, but it was a great opportunity for me to focus on music production. I think I am not the only artist who has focused on this part. Anyway I can’t wait to be back on stage this summer.

You have a new EP coming on Moon Beam Records entitled ‘Iris’. What was the inspiration behind the record and please tell us a little about each of the tracks?

I chose the name ‘Iris’ because this track is very melodic and progressive. When my eyes were closed, I let my imagination work and it helped me to travel. Iris is connected to sight. My EP is composed of different tracks, they represent my current mood. I wanted to create something with different atmospheres.

Obviously the past 12 months have been something of a performing vacuum, but prior to that we understand you DJ’ed all over France. What have been some of your favourite gigs and venues, and why?

First of all, I love my region, the French Riviera which is full of talented artists, but I really like the music culture from Berlin. To me, it is really important to create a beautiful story with emotion through music.

Because of the pandemic crisis, I really miss performing outside. My favourite places to perform are rooftops and clubs. I have had the chance to perform on many rooftops in the French Riviera for example.

You have a very melodic sound, which artists/producers/Djs have inspired you over the years?

I have many inspirations from all around the world but I can mention Rodriguez Jr and Einmusik for example. In a different style I also like Keinmusik Crew. Otherwise, when I was younger I used to listen to Jean Michel Jarre’s vinyls at home, and I think it is one of my inspiration nowadays.

Outside of music, what do you do for fun?

Apart from the music, I like practicing sport and I like photography. For example, I practice running and fitness to relax and as music takes time I have to be relaxed and inspired that is why I run on the Promenade des Anglais where sunsets are amazing.

What do you have planned for the year ahead?

This year, I am working on my future music project. I cannot wait to share my new tracks. Besides, I am building a new home studio with my DJ’s friends on the French Riviera.

‘Iris’ by Steffan Blaze drops via Moon Beam Records on 26th April 2021.