Oslo artist Sommerfeldt has been at the heart of Scandinavia’s bustling house scene and has seen previous releases on labels like Prins Thomas’ Full Pupp, Badabing Diskos and Beatservice. We sat down with him to discuss his return to the iconic Paper Recordings imprint for his fresh new record ‘You & I’ featuring vocalists Sigmund Floyd and Nora.

Hello and welcome to Music Is 4 Lovers. Where are you speaking from today?

I’m speaking from my hometown, Oslo in Norway, where I live. Oslo is a really nice city, it has beautiful scenery with the fjords and forests, but also the qualities of a bigger city with a flourishing music-scene and some really good bars, clubs and restaurants.

How has your 2022 been so far?

This year has been a great year for me, after the pandemic “ended” everything finally opened up and there are so many good things happening in life. Of course on the other side, you have a war in Europe, the start of a possible economic crisis and a never-ending stream of uncertain times, but I try to stay positive towards the future! 

Your forthcoming release ‘You & I’ features the enticing vocals of Sigmund Floyd and Nora. Has it been an exciting project to work on together?

Yeah, the process has been so much fun. Working with vocals is both demanding and a bit frustrating sometimes, but it helps having Sigmund and Nora onboard, as they are so skilled in what they do. I feel that both tracks work well as a release and the feedback has been great so far!

This is the second time yourself and Sigmund Floyd have joined forces following the success of the first release on badabing diskos. How did the two of you cross paths? 

Sigmund is a friend of mine from way back, and with his bands Legs 11 & Palace of Pleasure which I’ve always been a fan of, the collaboration was kind of meant to happen. We have so much fun working in the studio, and all the vocals are usually done in one take (with some heavy FX processing).

‘You & I’ sees you returning to the Paper Recordings imprint.  How long have you been working with the team there and how did that come about?

First of all, they are my friends. I’ve known the Paper guys for years now, and they were the first who signed me and Ravi’s (aka Rave-Enka) De Fantastiske To project.

It is so nice being on a record label owned by people you trust as the process – once you finish your tracks – is so much smoother. We met a lot of times, partying, having dinners and even playing back to back in Berlin for an all-night bender, back in the heydays. Hopefully we will meet again soon and do some collabs!

The release has a very warm and welcoming feel. Would you say your sound has been inspired by your environment in Oslo?

If you mean by nature and fjords? Maybe, but it is heavily inspired by my DJ style and musical taste as well. I like it with melodics, heavy processed drums and dreamy synths.

What’s your creative process when in the studio and how does it differ when you are working with others?

I always start with the drums, without any good drums for a house track there is pretty much no point producing it. My Roland TR-09 and Korg Electribe machines are essential in this matter.

Then I add a bit of bass to make it groove and my trusty Korg Monologue usually always does the trick. To add the melodies and soundscape my trusty Roland JX-03, Korg Volca FM and the amazing Arturia Microfreak are perfect for those kinds of sounds! On the processing side, the Soundtoys 5 pack is essential for FX and adding depth and warmth.

When doing the vocals we usually send stuff back and forth before we finally meet in the studio for a couple of writing and recording-sessions. I would say that working alone is a bit harder than working with someone, if there are more people in the process you could easily “kill your darlings” as they say.

Love them both though!

Are there any particular artists you’d love to collaborate with?

I have some pretty good collaborations already, with both Sigmund, Nora but also with my studio partners Boblebad and From Beyond. We are doing a project ‘Cocktail Sports’ which is out on Prins Thomas’ label Full Pupp soon. I’m also finishing an EP with my good friend and label mate on Badabing, Vinny Villbass, so I’m already pretty satisfied with my collaborations! However, if Atjazz or Jimpster reaches out, I wouldn’t mind  

Outside of music, what are your main hobbies and interests?

I always love a good hike and some cross-country skiing in the winter. Guess that is a pretty Norwegian thing to say?! 

What are your plans for the year ahead?

I’m going to go with the cheesy answer on this one. DJ’ing and making a lot of music!

Sommerfeldt ‘You & I’ is out on 21st September on Paper Recordings.


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