With his latest release dropping on the massive Freerange Records, we wanted to get to know Simon Hinter more and hear about the making of this fantastic new release. Check the full interview below and be sure to check the premiere for ‘Tired Up‘ off the EP.


Interview With Simon Hinter

1.) Can you talk a little bit about this new release, ‘Tired Up’, take us through the creative process behind the making of this EP?

I’m using Ableton Live a MidiKeyboard, Controller and thats it. A simple setup. Of course I use  a lot of samples from vinyl, movies or videogames and some Synths for playing own melodies and baselines. A few tracks from the EP are definitely older and we just had to reedit them. Jamie from Freerange sometimes helped me with the selection and the arrangement and I’m really happy with the result.

2.) Freerange Records is a pretty significant label. You must be stoked to be on there. How did that come about?

Jamie played a few of my tracks in his sets a couple of years ago and constantly supported my music over the years so I decided sending a bunch of demos around and of course Freerange was one of the the first labels which came into my mind. It’s great!


3.) You’re no stranger to the house scene with released on Peppermint Jam, Purveyor Underground and many others.   Can you highlight a 3 tracks you’ve made that you’re particularly proud of and why?

I haven’t any specific, favorite number in my mind but the first releases are definitely unique and special for me, simply because it was the first time my music got on vinyl. I like the tracks “Soul” and “Take Care” because they’re playful and very personal to me. I put another link in the interview with a hip hop track I’ve made under another name.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WrMdnqqXWc  (Soul/ Phil 002/ 2011)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_hrCUacNxo (takeCare/ Take Care EP/ 2010)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6779jj_B1hE&t=10s (Better Life/ Phil 002/ 2011)


4.) What have you been doing to keep busy during the quarantine time?

I’ve been making music of course but sometimes just watching movies, play some video games and messing around a bit. Nothing special.  It’s not really bad here because I really like being at home, doing my stuff. normally I’m doing some social work, too but for now I’m completely free till September and I can stay focused more on the music.


5.) What should we expect next from you? What’s in the pipeline for Simon Hinter release wise?

There are more releases in the pipeline for this year. Next one is a Remix coming soon in June as a Vinyl Release. I’ll let the people know when it’s ready. There are also more releases planned for 2020 but I can’t tell you more right now.

-Simon Hinter





Turn it up & enjoy!