We caught up with France’s Raw Main to discuss his recent contribution to the Sounds of Khemit label, his musical background and more.

Hey and welcome to Music Is 4 Lovers! Thanks for taking the time to speak with us today. How’s 2022 been so far?

Hey! Thank you for having me, It’s a pleasure to talk !
2022 is quite cool so far, clubs are open again and we can dance without masks. 
I’m in between gigs and the studio and i’m super happy with that.

There may be some readers that aren’t too familiar with yourself. Can you describe your sound and style?

For the style i would say it’s Organic House Music.

To describe my sound: a lot of melodies (with the melody you feel emotions) and grooves ( it makes you dance )

You were born and raised in France, which we know produces a lot of dance music talent. What was the music scene like when you were growing up and what were some of your earliest clubbing experiences? 
My first clubbing experience, I was 14 years old in 1999, it was a little club
 with 2 rooms, in Brittany called “Lutetia” a countryside clubIt doesn’t exist anymore, and of course I was too young to get inside but I was with friends older than me so they didn’t ask for my ID   So i got inside and danced all night long. It wasn’t  electronic music, the DJ was playing some French Pop Music and he was talking with his mic in between every track.

I remember this feeling of loud music, in a dark place, it was my first amazing club experience !

You’re joining us today to discuss your track titled ‘To Be Honest’ forthcoming on the new Sounds Of Khemit VA release. Can you tell us your inspiration behind the piece?

I did this track in December i was playing in Dubai the week before, and i remembered that on the plane flight back to Paris, I was listening to an old Remix from Maetrik. “Max Cooper – Chaotisch Serie (Maetrik Abstract Beats Remix)” Please take a listen because this track doesn’t get old at all and it’s a pure groove track!

So I got really inspired about this track and i was thinking to combine Organic/ Arabic Melodies with a strong beat and then in 2 days the track was finished.

The brain is really strange, sometimes you spend weeks, months on a track and sometime in 2 days the track is ready to play. So for this one with it came really faster.


It must’ve been great working with an exciting new label like Sounds Of Khemit. What catalysed this coming together? 

I’ve followed Nhii for a few years now and i’m a super fan of his music, we know each other from social media and music. Nhii is the A&R of Sounds of Khemit.

He came to  Paris for a gig and visited me at my studio. After spending time together talking about life, music and toys, he asked me if I had any unreleased tracks. And i send him tracks. By the way, it was funny because i never tested the track before sending to him. He was the first one to test it in a club. Once he’d played it, he told me, this track must be on Sounds of Khemit and i said “I agree”

You’re picking up a fair bit of traction now which must be super exciting! Have you got any dream collaborators you’d love to work with?

There are a lot of Dj’s / producers who inspired me and i would love to work with:

Max Cooper, Robah Whrume, Sebastien Leger, Gui Boratto, Trentemoller, Maetrik ( Maceo Plex), Dominik Eulberg, Stimming, Rodriguez Jr …

(Guy’s if you read this please DM on my instagram ahahahah)

What’s your creative process like in the studio and do you have any particular equipment you can’t live without?

Starting to turn on all devices, making coffee, reading my morning email and starting with a new ableton session.

My synths, are really important to me. I’m not using so much VST, 80 % of my music is recorded with hardware synths.

It’s been a tough couple of years for everyone but we are finally at the other side of the pandemic. It’s great to see artists schedules filling up again. Where can we expect to see you over the rest of this year?

Finally yes ! Hope it will stay like this. OOOOOhhhh yeaahhhhh, South America, USA, Europe and other places for sure ! #lovemyjob

                             Various Artists ‘Wulsa Love’ is out August 19th on Sounds Of Khemit

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