Øivind Sjøvoll is known as Kohib and one of Tromsø’s main artists – now, he’s also making a name for himself under the monicker Kohib. We have a closer look at the artist and sit down for a chat.

Hi Øivind, thank you for speaking with us at Music is 4 Lovers. What have you been up to today?

Hi! Summer is finally here in Northern Norway, so I have used my mathematical knowledge to dig eight symmetrical holes for our new raspberry bushes. The repercussions after yesterday’s wedding have caused a bit of slowness, but otherwise all good.

You have previously released music under the Kohib name and are currently in the process of launching a new alias, Ransel, what’s the reason behind this new venture? Do you have a new vision and direction for this moniker?

Kohib is really a hub for collaboration with various artists. In terms of genre, this project is all over the map. Ransel is my new solo project in balearic dance music, which I can easily take with me on the road.

You have released on many notable labels in Norway and beyond, including a recent string of singles on Beatservice records. Now you are releasing on Mellom, what is your link to this imprint?

The club culture in Tromsø was more or less non-existing after covid, lots of dj`s had moved south and most of the venues had to change path to survive covid-rules. Elias and Martin didn`t just start a record label, they also put life into the club scene again with their different concepts. So, when they asked me to release Ransel on their label, I didn`t hesitate a moment.

Next to being an active musician, you also work within the music industry running local venues. Can you tell us a little bit about this?

Cafe Circa was my second (early period; primary home) for 15 years (2003-2018). We had dj`s every wednesday, friday and saturday for that whole period, without pause. This, including lots of conserts and other cultural arrangements, made this joint a fantastic place to be, both as artist and guest. Then again, to run a place like that, you have to be hands on. So, due to family (and to maintain sane) I had to reduce my presence and change my way of living. I`m still in touch with the business, but in much smaller scale.

You are based in Norway, what’s the scene like over there? There’s some fantastic music coming from the country right now. Other than yourself, which artists should we be watching?

You`re right about that! There`s indeed a lot of fantastic music from Norwegian monitors at the moment. The scene is getting recovered after covid, but I miss the small clubs with steady consepts.
Regarding artists: I would recommend the readers to listen to Olle Abstract`s podcast “LYD” on Soundcloud, most of the artists I would recommend, is represented on his shows.

Could you please cite some of your main inspirations and influences?

If I could merge the following artists into one, it would be close to perfection in my ears: Bugge Wesseltoft, Henrik Schwartz, Ost og Kjex, Agnes Obel, Trentemøller and Carl Cox.

What day to day activities or hobbies do you pursue outside of music?

I have too many things that I enjoy doing. I guess fly-fishing is my favourite, it keeps me concentrated at the same time as I am one-hundred percent relaxed, and I might even bring food to the table. Bringing one of my bows to the range is also highly appreciated. Well: just being outdoors, alone or with friends, weither it is with a glass of wine around the camp-fire or on a walkabout, makes my day!

Lastly, what can we expect next from you this year? Anything you’d like to share with us?

If not trout, I promise to bring a lot of music to the table this year. I´m in a productive zone, and really, really love to be in my studio. Right now I`m writing music for TV-series, so I might show up on a screen or a dancefloor at your place anytime soon.


Ransel ‘Dykan Darian’ is out NOW on Mellom – Purchase HERE

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