Check out our interview with new House-duo Panfil & Rubh after their first EP on Erase Records.

Panfil & Rubh, nice to meet you! How are things?

It’s our pleasure meeting you! Things are great, we are looking forward to the weather warming up and another great summer in Chicago.

What’s the story behind your new project? How long have you been producing music together for?

In the late 2000’s we were in a DJ trio based in Chicago called Dreamst8. Once the pandemic hit in 2020, the two of us decided to get back in the studio together and that’s when the Panfil and Rubh project came to life. Between the two projects we have about 8 years of production experience together.

What does your production setup look like? Any favourite pieces of hardware you use?

Honestly, it’s a very simple setup. Computers are so powerful now a days that we pretty much work in the box.

What artists inspire you both and the sound you are creating?

There are so many talented artists to be inspired by; however, at the moment we’re really digging Eddy M, Sosa, Bruno Furlan, and Chiqito.

Your first release comes on Erase Records, tell us about this EP and how it came about.

We wanted to stay traditional and different at the same time. “Surrender” has that traditional House sound with a little twist to it. While “Vibe Strong” we wanted to do something with acid. So instead of the normal acid patterns we incorporated it as a stab.

What sort of thing do you look for when finding a sample? Does this depend on the track you have created?

Absolutely! We feel that everything should be in context with each other to ensure the track has a certain theme to it.

What is your dream venue or country to DJ?

Hey, you gotta dream big right!? So, for us it would have to be Printworks in London. It looks like such an amazing venue, with a rich history to it.

What are your plans for this summer?

Just doing what we love to do, making more music!

Is there more new music to come from you in 2022?

Our next scheduled release is June 27th on Strictly Records called “Body and Soul”.