Hi Night Stories! It’s a pleasure to have you here with us. What have you been up to lately?

Hi, pleasure is all ours, thanks for having us! Well, we have lots of things going on lately. we are going forward with the Opengate Society events happening in Madrid. The label is also giving us a lot of work and we have many releases in the pipeline. And of course, our performances which, thankfully are numerous and continuous.

Congratulations on your latest release Together on your own imprint Opengate Society! What was your inspiration behind this track? 

Thanks, it has been a pleasure to have David (Modeplex) on board, we are huge fans of his work and wanted to do something with him for quite some time.  We had some tracks that felt that could fit his musical style so we proposed to him a collab. and he accepted The track is inspired by this modern techno sound that is booming right now, but the curious thing about it is that it’s an old track made prior to 2020 but that due to the tendencies in sound is now more in sync with time than ever

This release also includes a solid remix from Modeplex. How did you guys meet, and what process do you go through when selecting a remixer for the release? 

Well we contacted him online and he accepted to prepare a remix for the track, after that we brought him to one of our events in Madrid had had the chance to meet him personally, we had much fun ‘Together’ (as the EP calls) here in Madrid.

How did you come up with the idea of creating your own imprint, and how has the experience of managing a label been so far?

We always wanted to create our own imprint, but I have to say that it was also out of necessity, Night Stories is a newborn project so it was difficult to send tracks out and be heard so we created this path to put out some nice tracks and also had the chance to collaborate with an artist that we like and respect.

You have been running Opengate Society events in The Basement Club in Madrid. What are some insights that you have gained from this, and did it have an impact on your approach to music production?

Well, everything has a meaning and a purpose here, the events are key to giving the brand some weight and also very important in order to be able to reach more people with our sound and musical identity. We are lucky to have one of the best venues in Madrid and a world-class lineup, at the level of the best clubs in the world.

What does your setup look like? 

We use 3 Pioneer CDJ 3000, and Roland TR8S, we are doing some studio work in order to include a Moog subsequent 37 and most probably a 303 for the heavier techno shows that we have in the calendar. Our idea is to create a hybrid between Live and Dj sets so we always bring something interesting and fun to see and dance

Can you mention some of the instruments ( digital or analog ) that you believe define your sound? 

We use a lot of instruments in our productions, we love the sound design so we don’t marry anything in order to experiment and create new sounds and textures. we love analog and use lots of different software tools, but if I had to choose something that is truly indispensable in our way of work that would be Ableton Live which is an incredibly flexible tool and the foundation of all our experimentation.

What has been your highlight Opengate Society night this year?

We have had some amazing times this past year, but if I had to choose one it wouldn’t be an Opengate one, but the day we played with Carl Cox at Fabric Madrid and in between sets we end up playing ‘Rock, paper, scissor’ which was hilarious as you can imagine. Another highlight of our year so far was having the chance to close the night for Hernan Cattaneo in Madrid. to me, Hernan is one of the biggest figures on the international scene and a great example of how to do things right.

What can we expect from Night Stories in the near future ? 

We have big plans for 2023. We have confirmed some great names for our next events and as we said before have some truly great releases and collaborations for the label. Also, there are some really cool gigs in the calendar and many things that will come during 2023 that we can’t unveil just yet

Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer our questions, is there anything else you would like to mention before we go?

Thanks a lot for having us helping us to promote the brand and the sound. Let us also invite you all and your audience to our events in Madrid, we are confident you will have an amazing time in Madrid dancing to the best artists with one of the best sound and lighting in the Spanish capital

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