On his journey to the top we managed to catch up French eclectic producer, Moraze. His top shelf productions continue to cause a stir on dance floors across Europe and further, with his dark and immersive sound transcending the listeners to a place far from the norm. There is always more meaning than meets the naked eye, a unique energy and mood is built around his sets. 

Most recently is his ‘Zephyr’ EP accompanied by a tasteful remix from, Modeplex. A certain Tale Of Us tip here, with a sense of euphoria and mysterious. Instance Records is the label, a spot we are oh so familiar with when it comes to this guy. 

We had a great chat with Moraze recently, discussing all things music, influences and those records that never leave the bag, check it out below: 

Hi Moraze, thanks for chatting with us today. It is great to have you on board.

We are loving your next release ‘Zephyr’ on Instance Records, did the inspiration for the EP come from anywhere in particular? 

  • Zephyr reflects my passion for Parisian architecture and my fascination for the ambient subway. The perpetual activity around the city and the energy there is really something special.

Do you always follow a particular process when in the studio and approaching a new EP? 

  • I always start with a strong mix of analog drums, before sculpting a deep bass sound with my trusty moog. That’s definitely the heart of electronic music. I really focus on these elements before composing any lead sounds. Making a new ep is always a search for a new texture and mix approach. It’s an endless game!

A very fitting remix here from Modeplex, is there anyone out there that you really dream of collaborating with?

  • I am very proud to have Modeplex on this release! I have followed this producer for quite some time and I really admire his work. In the future, I would love to collaborate with Township Rebellion too. They produce music with so much depth.

Growing up in Paris, where did you draw influence from that made you realise your path was in music? 

  • I am actually a newcomer in Paris as a resident. But I can tell you how everything started! My mom had a dance school for a long time and each day after school, I would have to sit there for hours before going home. At the time it was frustrating, but I later realised that I had spent my entire childhood listening to my mother counting beats on the music… A blessing in disguise!

Summer is just around the corner, do you have any special gig/festival opportunities coming up?  

  • I am really happy to now be confirmed for four shows at ‘Sunday Cooling’ @ El Patio in Ibiza. This venue is really nice and it will be an opportunity to play among the big names floating around the Ibiza vibe. Carré Coast In Biarritz is down the line as well !! 

What is your dream location to play? 

  • The pyramids in Egypt !!! Definitely !!!

Is there any more Moraze info you can hit us up with? 

  • Well, I just signed onto a residency with Ibiza Sonica Radio every Thursday at 11 pm. They represent exactly what I love in music, so I am really proud to be part of the team.

Last of all…3 records that never leave your bag?

Thank you for your time today!

Moraze Bio, and Soundcloud, ‘Zephyr’ coming Friday 07/06 on Instance Records. Listen to a full stream of Dupleix here: https://soundcloud.com/dancetelevision/moraze-dupleix-instance-records