Today we share the new rework of rising R&B singer Miesa’s single ‘Worried’. Stepping up on remix duty is Dario Xavier, who turns the sultry ballad into a high-intensity, pumping dance offering.

We caught up with Miesa to chat about the track, her favourite artists in the dance/electronic world and what else we can expect from her in 2021.

Hi Miesa! Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. How have you found the crazy year of 2020? 
The twilight zone is what some of my friends say. One thing that has come out of 2020 is spending more time with my immediate family and I wouldn’t trade that in for the world. 

Your single ‘Worried’ has received the remix duty from Dario Xavier. How did you decide upon him for this one? 
We were looking for a progressive dance mix and my label sent over his work. Instantly I fell in love with a few of his mixes and here we go! He’s like a throwback to big diva remixes and I love that. 

What was your reaction when you first heard it? It’s certainly a different sound to your own work! 
We have done remixes in the past but this one was special mostly because of the breaks. I love to mix it up as much as possible. 

We at M4L specialise in electronic/dance music, can you name a few artists in this field you like? 
Some of my favorites would be Dave Aude, Gozzi, Eden Prince and new to me DiscoKillaz but also the throwbacks of Hex Hector and Frankie Knuckles. 

Thanks for your time! What can we expect from Miesa next year? 
More music. We have finally been able to get back into the studio so I have a few more surprises with, “Worried,” and then a new single at the top of the year and an album around Spring. 

Listen to ‘Worried (Dario Xavier remix)’ below.

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