Following up to his 2017 summer anthem ‘Please Stay’ which gleaned over 4M views on YouTube to this day, French producer Matthieu Faubourg makes his long awaited return on STRCTR with ‘Infinity’ – an enticingly lush four-tracker made up of two original jams and a pair of matching reworks courtesy of Amsterdam based vibist Frits Wentink and Parisian producer Leo Pol.

We were given the chance to sync up with Matthieu and ask him a few questions surrounding this new release!

Interview With Matthieu Faubourg

1.) Thanks for talking to us today. I’ve seen your name on some pretty great releases this last year. Would love to ask you about ‘Please Stay’ on STRCTR but I guess everyone does that.

Thanks for having me here! Indeed, I’m always getting asked about “Please, Stay”, but now I prefer to let everyone identifies himself/herself to that track in their own way. Personally speaking, the feelings I have linked to it did change with the years, going from sadness to hope.

2.) Can you tell me about your new release – ‘Infinity’. What was the inspiration behind these four tracks? What was the production process?

There was no real process behind, it just came to my mind. I produced both tracks last year, and I know that I couldn’t wait to release and show them to the public! They are really energetic and make my mind travel, that’s why I named them “Far” and “Infinity”. While “Far” feels more like a journey, “Infinity” could be a peak-time tune! The inspiration mostly came from all the travelling I was involved in last year, playing gigs in all over Europe, and even Georgia.

3.) You have some pretty well-respected remixers on board, what is it about Leo Pol and Frits Wentink styles that appealed to you?

Both of them have their own style, that you can recognized among other producers. I am a big fan of their sound, that’s why I decided to ask them. I really respect Frit’s work for his level of technicality, the small details he always brings into a track. Leo Pol has a great sense of groove, and a great energy. What he did on the remix is simply awesome, and really takes the track to another level.

4.) There has continued to be a huge amount of incredible music released during lockdown. Can you tell me one that caught your attention that time?

The track “Fake” by Gary Gritness on the “Rollin’ Zebras” EP, released on Casa Voyager.
Some serious groove in that one!!

5.) Who do you admire in the music industry and why?

If I had to name only one, I’d say Kerri Chandler. Firstly for his productions, which are really matching my personal style on so many points, and secondly for his personality. I don’t know him personally, but he seems to be a really kind and great person, really humble, and humility is something that I value a lot. Kerri also managed to stay in the game all these years, trying different stuff and reinventing himself.

6.) What is the last album you purchased? Can you tell us little about it?

I didn’t buy any new records lately, they are still in Vienna. I’ll get them shipped over to Paris soon, and maybe buy new turntables if I ever find a bigger flat!

7.) COVID has the changed the dance world as we know it right now with no live gigs and festivals in the immediate future. How are you adapting to this?

I’m actually having a 9 to 5 job in an online art gallery, so yes gigs are cancelled/postponed, but I’m still in a safe situation. It is also a good occasion for me to recharge batteries and not be touring every weekend. I literally have no clue about what’s going to happen with clubs and gigs, no one knows exactly.

8.) Do you have a favorite female DJ/ producer? Who is that and what makes her your fave?

As everything in life, I don’t have favourite things, always depends on my mood. There are a lot of female producers that I really like, but one that always keeps coming back to my mind is Shanti Celeste. Her last album “Tangerine” is suuuuuuper cool! Really entertaining music. Also, she’s a really talented DJ!

9.) What’s next for Matthieu Faubourg?

I’m working on one big project with one friend, like something really important to us, but with the current Covid situation it’s still hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can’t talk about it at the moment, but it’s something that I’ve been thinking of doing for a long time. Sorry to keep the mystery! It is linked to music, but not only to that.
Also, I’ll try to explore new sounds, and see what kind of tracks I can work on. I don’t want to force myself to produce all the time. I let the inspiration coming naturally.

10.) 2020 has been a year unlike any other with the global pandemic, the terrible killing of Floyd George in the USA, so much forced change in our lives. What is your message?

Be kind to each other, take time to educate yourself on topics you don’t know a lot about, communicate. I really feel sorry and angry about what happened and what is still happening every day. It really does make me super angry. But I think that we don’t talk about it enough: education is key.  My message is about spreading love and kindness to people.

-Matthieu Faubourg


Turn it up & enjoy!