Following the release of his debut long-player, ‘Second Life’ on Culprit, Italian-born and LA-based Lorenzo Dada has a chat with Music is 4 Lovers. Here, he discusses the creativity behind the album, his understanding with classical music and longstanding relationship with Culprit.

Talk us through the very beginnings of the album, when did you start working on it and what is it you set out to achieve?
This album started a few years ago when I had decided it was time to put together a collection of music. I have spent these past years developing, writing and recording. When it started to take shape I knew it was meant for Culprit. The main track, Second Life, happens to be the song that represents the style of music I want to experiment with. I have started to piece together a new live set that I am currently working on titled “Modular Piano”. Created using grand piano and modular synthesizers. My career has changed and I am looking towards a new direction in playing classical concerts and live set concerts.

From the very beginning you have been a classical composer, how do you feel this helps when producing electronic music? Does your creativity stem from classical music even when making club friendly tracks?
Music is comprised of notes, and pentagrams. Yes, it helps to have studied music and I believe my classical background helps create a sound that is unique to me. I have never been a fan of pressing a button, or setting my drum machine in sync, or using a sequencer for Ableton. I love writing music, which means starting with paper, a pencil, and an eraser. My creativity even for club friendly tracks ignites from a piano and is followed up in the studio.

Looking back at the album, are there any tracks that stand out as your favourites and why?
My favorites are “Second Life” and “City Of Angels” because they were recorded completely live. They are spontaneous and built in the moment. It gives them a lot more meaning to the direction I am heading and the unique sound that is me.

Some of the tracks have an almost trancey feel to them, is this something you were into / are into from back in the day?
I think as a composer it is important to write all different styles of music. It’s not about being eclectic but more about having all the technicalities of being a composer. Inspiration from my childhood during the years I was at the conservatory studying or listening to my father in the studio taught me to constantly adapt to my surroundings.

Let’s go technical! What was the set up for the album?
In this album you hear a Yamaha Silent Piano plus a Grand Piano Yamaha C3, an Analog Rhythm Moog Sub 37, a MikroKorg XL and some Modular equipment.

Everything was recorded with Ableton live sequencer… meaning no VSt was involved.

Would you say you’re more hardware or software driven? If a lot of hardware was used, what would you say was the most influential piece of kit for the album?
Hardware for sure.. and the Moog 37. Stunning bass that I get so much inspiration while playing in the studio, as well as in the club during a Live Set.

You currently live over in LA, how does the musical culture differ to back home in Italy?
I believe Americans in general are more open to new kinds of music and they love innovation and creativity. In Rome, there is an obsession with what’s going on in Berlin. In my opinion we should be more open and not always just following the trends.

Do you have any standout Italian artists who you feel really shaped you into the producer you are today?
Honestly no. Can I say Giorgio Moroder?

How did your relationship with Culprit come about?
Back in 2012 I started traveling to Los Angeles frequently and I always check the nightlife scene for every city I travel to.. I believe it truly all started at the Culprit Standard Party and I was completely captured by the LA scene! At the event I happened to meet Andrei, Justin and Brett and everything just clicked!

Why did you feel they were the best label to release the label on?
The label and the guys have always made me feel a part of the Culprit family. They have been a huge part of my journey and have always appreciated my music and Live Sets. We have done a lot of releases together in past and have done so many parties together like BPM Mexico, Sonar and even in Rome we have done a couple of epic showcases. Culprit is a amazing label and it is the perfect home for my music, my album, and me.

What can we expect in the future on the label, do you already have follow up EPs lined up ready to go?
In the past two years we have produced a lot of great EPs together with huge artists like Axel Bowman, No Regular Play, and my mate Whitesquare. There will definitely be many future collaborations… that’s for sure!

Great to have the chance to talk to you today Lorenzo!

You can grab yourself a copy of Lorenzo’s album, ‘Second Life’, here


– jams
Jimbo James