Joe Metzenmacher is part of the Heideton Records family who, after a brief hiatus have returned, with Joe at the helm of the first release ‘What’s The Secret Word Tonight?’. We caught up with main man to delve deeper into the labels future as well as the reasons behind the changes.


Hi Joe, great to have the chance to chat with you today!

So, Heideton is back after a short hiatus, what was the reason behind the break from releasing?

Thank you for having me. There are a lot of reasons for this. First and foremost, in my view, is the fact that our team has grown. In addition, since the end of last year, we have set up a new recording studio and expanded a number of other business areas.

How important is it for labels to be something more than just a supplier of music now? Building a brand, events etc?

Of course, that depends on the goals of each label. From my point of view, it is essential for our movement to act as a lived brand. I think the time of pure hedonism in the worldwide electronic music culture is not enough anymore. It takes more lived values to protect our scene and, above all, to keep this ball going. The positive gathering of people from all over the world should also be there to talk about the issues of the times, to collect money against the stupidity of the world and to use it so that we can still dance in the future. One way or another (laughs).

We wear e.g. as a brand, some values such as freedom, love and culture to the outside and hope that, among other things, it makes a contribution to the coexistence of people without forgetting the necessity and the basic building block of being. We only have one world.

Do you feel the sound of Heideton has changed since the first release, if so how?

We have changed musically and artistically. That starts with the sound and continues with the design. Developing and learning from the past is something we enjoy. I think we have grown up after the last 3 years.

Let’s go back to your next release, What’s the Secret Word Tonight? Can you tell us the story behind the title?

Whats the secret word for tonight is almost a credo of mine. The inspirations came to me through the seemingly endless nights in the Panorama Bar, where I forgot the time as guest at many moments. Out of these mysterious experiences emerged a musical approach, which I cobbled together in 2015 with minimal means in my former apartment in Berlin-Mitte. I believe that questions drive us to have dreams, expectations or desires, and to be able to take action when looking for the answers. So I just wanted to explore the club context who can interpret this question yet. At the end of this wonderful EP has come out, which is already played by Sven Väth up and down.

How did you go about selecting who would remix it?

First of all I would like to thank Arian, Michal (dj Schwa), Filburt and my bro Marc Trzeziak. Selecting was basically pretty easy at the beginning. I wanted to have an EP that could reflect a whole night in different places. Sunset on the beach, warm up in a warehouse, festival banger or the club interpretation at peak time.

Who else can we expect to see on the label over the next year?

That’s a secret.

Do you all work from the same studio? What is the current set up tech wise?

Yes, we have our studio in Walsrode in the middle of the three-cities triangle Hannover, Bremen, HH.

What is the end goal for Heideton? Where would you like to see it develop this time next year but also in five?

To have a meaningful time. It remains exciting.

What’s The Secret Word Tonight? is out now!