As he looks to his new release on the Stereo Mc’s connected label, Ian Ludvig takes time out to talk about his music, life in lockdown and more…

Hi Ian, thanks for taking the time to talk to Music is 4 Lovers. Can you tell us where in the world you are right now and how are things there during this strange time?

For now I am in Madrid, where I live and here for now the virus issue is not going very well we have a curfew at 11 at night but we hope that now with the vaccines it will be fixed little by little.

You are from Spain but obviously have a love for the Afro House sound, can you tell us a little about how you got into this scene, which seems to be endlessly growing in popularity?

It all started three years ago when I made another type of music and felt that I had to do something more melodic and with more percussions, so I discovered Keine musik and saw that that was what I wanted to do. Because of my musical training, I saw that this type of music could make me stand out because I have always made all kinds of music for other artists and agencies. My first Afrohouse track was with my good friend Dennis Cruz on the Moblack label and since then I have not stopped doing Afrohouse.

You have a new single coming on the Stereo Mc’s connected label. Can you tell us a little about the release?

It is an EP with two cuts, the first is Dodo with vocalist Idd Azziz, it is a much more Afro track with Kalimbas sounds, a very powerful bass and many types of percussion.

The second track is Nature, a track with darker and deeper touch with a woman’s vocal and a harder sub and synths.

What is your writing and production process like? Can you walk us through from initial ideas to final mix down?

At the time of producing, I start by creating a bass line, from there I go on to create the pads alternating harmonies, once I have something solid I go on to make the main melody. Once everything is done, I go on to create the groove and the structure, then it only remains to test sounds and fx until I find the one that best fits.

What are your hopes as an artist for when this pandemic finally comes to an end? Do you have plans to tour?

When all this is over, which we hope will be soon, we have a series of gigs pending in Russia, Ukraine, France and here in Spain

Away from the studio what are your interests and passions? Please tell us a little about them.

When I’m not in the studio I usually watch movies and play videogames, another thing that I love is doing magic.

What else is on the horizon for you in terms of releases?

Right now my next releases are a three-cut ep for Bibliotheque (Sebjak and Falhberg label) a single on Disco Halal (Moscoman) and another track on Crostown Rebels with my friend Dennis Cruz.

I also have my personal project which is my Label Caktus where I will release a lot of music throughout the year.

Ian Ludvig’s ‘Dodo’ EP alongside Idd Aziz drops on connected on 16th April 2021