We recently spoke to Iranian artist Iman Habibi AKA Habischman, one of the hottest talents to come out of the Middle East in the last decade. Here’s how it went down…

Hey Iman, how’s it going? Thanks for taking the time to talk to us!

Hey guys, no problem. Nice to meet you!

You have some great releases coming up in the not too distant future, tell us about some of them?

I have ‘Skyward’ coming out on Cr2 Elrow compilation, my very own Ep on Cr2 and a remix for Djuma Soundsystem on Zehn (new Tube & Berger’s label) plus another remix for a label called At Work Records which I’m excited about. I have made a ‘Deep & Tech House’ sample pack for Sample magic that is coming out soon.

Your latest release, ‘Ravage’ comes out on Cr2 Records Ibiza Compilation. Was it specifically intended for their label compilation or were there any other labels in the running?

When I finished ‘Ravage’ I sent it to a couple of labels and got great feedback but Cr2 A&R contacted me he asked If I had any fresh tunes, they heard ‘Ravage’ and really liked it. So I decided to release with them.

Who did you look up to musically when you were growing up?

I always enjoyed dancing and listening to good music, I grew up listening to Michael Jackson’s records. I discovered electronic music when I was 16 and when I got older started collecting mix compilations and DJ sets by Sasha, Digweed, Danny Howels, Lawler to name a few.

Have you always wanted to do something with your life that revolves around music?

I’m a very persistent guy and I think when I saw the first DJ videos and when I installed my first DAW on my computer I realized that it was the path I wanted to  choose and I’m happy now that I still enjoy making and playing music even more than day one and it’s very exciting.

What is the funniest thing to happen to you recently?

Was at a friend’s party and there was another party next to my friend’s place some weird looking people came into my friend’s party and after 15 mins they realized they are at the wrong place

Out of all of your releases, do you have any favourite tracks of your own?

My favourites are ‘Ravage’(Cr2 records) & ‘Moan’ (Knee Deep In Sound).

Where is the most amazing place you have ever played?

This intimate club in Ankara called kite it was really fun and the energy in the room was amazing.

What DAW do you use, do you prefer it over any others?

Ableton, I think it’s the only DAW that I like which allows me to create ideas and build up grooves instantly.

Do you have any advice for aspiring producers on how to get your tracks noticed/signed by labels?

It’s important to learn your craft, create the sound that you love and you wanna play instead of making something that is everyone else is producing and is all over the internet. Starting a good relationship with other fellow DJs and producers and asking for feedback would lead to finding the right labels to work with. Don’t forget to be patient.

Have you ever thought about running your own label?

It’s a nice dream to catch but also it’s gonna be a lot of work, I’d like to run my own events and that excites me even more.

Where do you see yourself as a DJ/artist/dance music figure in 5-10 years?

Having my own events, touring, starting my own Music Academy with workshops to help aspiring producers and constantly creating new ideas and projects and of course, releasing fresh music.