Long time label friend Megatronic and Edseven join the Feedasoul Records family under the moniker SMTHNG SMTIME. On this six-tracker EP Megan and Eddie invite incredible artists to highlight their UK and Australian influences through their broad musical spectrum, ranging from Jazz and Soul, Deep House and Broken Beat.

‘Musing’ features beautiful vocals by Andreå and intricate instrumentation by Exclusive Yossif. The track has a laid-back vibe with classic deep house drums and open hats, beautiful synth that beautifully balance Andreå’s soulful vocals.

We got a chance to sync-up with this lovely duo and learn a little more about their SMTHNG SMTIME project!

Interview With SMTHNG SMTIME


SMTHNG SMTIME is a cross continental collaboration between Megatronic (Dubai/UK) and Edseven (Sydney). We met once in 2020 and have been writing heaters ever since.

Q2: Tell about your new release on Feedasoul?

We wanted to create a separate entity for our collaboration on ‘Geographic’.. the concept touching on the idea that location and timezones don’t need to restrict creative output. The release moves across Bossa Nova with ‘Morning Love’, off kilter jazz interludes, dancefloor house bangers with ‘Bad Braids’ to tropical beatdowns with the title track ‘Geographic’. We both share lots of influences across genres and this EP on Feedasoul is a snapshot into some of them.

Q3: What was the first thing that attracted you to the world of electronic music?

Edseven: Growing up with my dad’s amazing record collection filled with music from around the world.. then the warehouse scene in the 90s where I heard a bunch of these records sampled.
Megatronic: My love for a great party, developed my love for the sounds delivered from electronic music. Diving deep into the rave culture in my teens, while growing up in the 90’s with a world full of synths, 808 and vocoder. At home, listening to my parents’ record collection of africa disco from Ghana, Nigeria. It was only natural that my love developed into electronic music.

Q4: Who are your greatest influences?

Summer Madness – Kool & the Gang
So simple, so beautiful… everything is where it needs to be in this song.

Detroit Experiment – Highest
Carl Craig’s amazing homage to his city.. those chords! offbeat bassline and kicks tapping into that Dilla time.

Electric Wire Hustle – Perception
Early output from the amazing NZ trio.. Minnie Ripperton sample floating underneath.. such a vibe.

Kaidi Tatham – It’s About Who You Know
UK multi-instrumentalist maestro always slays it.

Afronaught – Transcend Me
Big tune! love broken beats and collected the record from afar in the early 2000s. Also honoured to also have released on Afronaughts label in 2021.

Steve Spacek – Tonight
Had to include friend, collaborator and huge influence Steve Spacek. Effortlessly soulful and forward thinking, always. This jam is an amazing combination of afrobeat, bass music, house and dub..

Wang East – Mike Fabulous
Perfectly slowly grown organically into a delight for your ears

Marvin Gaye – Music (karizma remix)
you can’t go wrong, a classic mix with a hard dance beat

All of the time – (Dj Streaks Remix) – Jungle
Loved the way the vocals are layout in this remix

Peter Croce – Revival (rocksteady disco)
anything with slow speaking vocals is super sexy

Q5: How would you define your sound?
The word I would like to use is the Perfect blend, of some of most Soulful music, music that expresses the true feelings from heartfelt odes to lovers to a dancefloor full of fire.

Q6: How has your sound evolved so far?
I think we’ve broadened the scope of our output… our first two collabs were dancefloor focussed but the palette of sounds remains consistent. Also we have got to build our relationship deeper thru sharing music and talking about life situations and experiences over zoom. The understanding around the template of the project has developed depth in the music due to the covid restrictions we have had to time to get to know each other deeply via the beauty of zoom and late-night finds.

Q7: What else can we expect from you over the next year?
We have a constant pool of tracks we’re working on so want to hit the ground running with the next release. Also speaking to a bunch of amazing collaborators for the next release.. watch this space.


Turn it up & enjoy!