Hi Felipe, welcome to Music Is 4 Lovers. Great to speak to you. How’s things?

I’m fine and it’s also a pleasure to talk to you, even in the hardest days of this pandemic I try to remain calm, positive and focus on productions. Things in Brazil are gradually improving which helps the anxiety of coming back soon to play.

We are loving the new solo project FFLORA! What was the inspiration to go solo?

I was looking for more independence and a different line of sound. Even before the pandemic, I was planning to launch a parallel project, and this whole situation ended up accelerating the idea. 

Will you DJ as FFLORA to or is it strictly production?

I will also act as a DJ, I am completely passionate about both sides – music production and performance.

Can you tell a bit about your journey into music and how you become known internationally as one half of the duo Dashdot?

As ½ of Dashdot, I had the privilege to play on the most special stages in Brazil, to collect millions of streams and to do several international tours, it was a very special time that will always be kept in my memory.

What is your favorite record you’ve ever made?

Difficult to choose one in particular, I treat my music as they were my children… The ones that made more buzz were: ‘That’s Why’, ‘Make It Better’ and ‘So Beautiful’. As FFLORA, in addition to ‘Colors’ I’ve already released 2 tracks, ‘Look At The Sky’ and ‘Senses’.

How did the connection with AME Records come about for your new single ‘Colors’?

Connection was through music!! AME’s musical curatorship is similar to the sound I love to produce.

Music is 4 Lovers · FFLORA – Colors feat. DCW [Ame Records] [MI4L.com]

What was your studio set up like when making this track?

This track was practically 90% made with VSTs and plugins. The only hardware I used was the Moog Sub 37 to make bass.

What do you take inspiration from when producing music?

I’m very inspired by nature, but sometimes inspiration comes just from listening to some songs or different rhythms and melodies.

Have you enjoyed the time off from not playing DJ sets or have you missed it?

I used my free time to get closer to my family and take care of my health, but what I really want is to get back to doing what I love, playing for a passionate crowd.

Do you consider yourself a producer or a DJ first? Or have you always done both?

I started as a DJ but I’ve been producing for 10 years already. I feel that I am in one of the most inspired times in my career, I’ve produced more than 50 tracks in the last months; however, I am dying to test them on the dancefloor.

Have you got any more music coming out soon that you can tell us about?

Yes, there’s a lot of music coming up. Within the next months I have a single at Sony Music,a collab with Vintage Culture and Meca on Solotoko and a collab with Hollaphonic on Controversia