Cairo-born, New York-based artist Felukah is back with her new one, ‘PSA’.

The track combines a seamless blend of organic instrumentation and electronic effects with the laidback flow of Felukah and guest singer Nic Hanson. It’s a song reminiscent of artists like Doja Cat and SZA, a song with a strong message of empowerment.

We chatted with Felukah to find out a little more about ‘PSA’, her fav names in the dance world, and what’s to come from the Egyptian in 2021.

Hi Felukah! Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. What have you been up to since the start of the year?

 I’ve been spending most of my time writing and visualizing/creating content for new music. I spend a lot of time meditating now, too. Since the year’s begun, I’ve taken it upon myself to be more intune with my intuition. Practicing this through daily rituals feels very effective. 

Can you tell us a little about your new single ‘PSA’?

“PSA” or Push that Sh*t Away is about selectivity and the power choice gives you. By choosing what to indulge in and what to avoid, we get better at magnetism. Laws of attraction begin acting in your favor, empowering you and calling just what you need into your orbit. As the first release off my upcoming EP, this song marks the beginning of a step in a different direction. An elevated pursuit for another planet. 

What does the song mean to you personally?

To me, PSA is a symbol of selectivity. It taps into that feeling we all get when we no longer want to deal with this world and its drama. In this song, I’m pushing away all that does not feed me. 

We at M4L specialise in electronic/dance music, can you name a few artists in this field you like? 

Damn, I love Channel Tres, Ross From Friends and Peggy Gou! Electronic/dance music feeds my soul just as hip hop and R&B do, genre is just a label people use. I believe in an eclectic palette and the destruction of genre as a whole. 

Thanks for your time! What can we expect from Felukah in 2021?

We’re releasing tracks off my upcoming EP, “Kawkab” at the moment. It’s going to hit different because the inspiration and source are way different. My first connection to music was through modern dance, which later evolved into jazz, ballet and hip hop. The literary fire in me also compels me to sharpen my pen, endlessly. I see myself going in for a Masters degree in something dank like anthropology, publishing more of my own poetry and lyric books. All Things Fly is the last track on Dream 23 and it encompasses a sentiment I think about quite a lot in life and in art. All things fly if you choose to see wings, if you study the aerodynamics of thought and see a vision through. It’s really up to you. 

Listen to ‘PSA’ below.