French artist Etat Limite recently delivered a brand new album which arrived alongside remixes from Zombies in Miami, La Mverte, the Populists and Tagliabue. We caught up with band member Thomas to discuss.

Hi, thanks for taking the time to talk to Music is 4 Lovers. Please can you let us know where you live and what your hometown is like right now?

Thanks for your interest. I live in Paris, métro Télégraphe. Paris is actually quite a sad city right now, far from the place that used to make me dream, now full of empty streets and long nights. 

You have just released an album, alongside a set of remixes from the likes of Zombies in Miami and La Mverte. Please tell us a little about your LP and how these remixes came about?

The LP was written and conceived like a short movie, with a character walking through the world and looking for an absolute feeling of life but slowly falling into a world where love has disappeared all around him. 

Concerning the remixes, I’ve always been a fan of that idea of giving an invitation to rewrite something, having a new point of view on someone’s work, giving it another type of life, as if it was never finished. We were very lucky to get La Mverte, The Populists, Tagliabue and Zombies in Miami with us.

The last year has been a hugely challenging time, can you tell us a little of your lockdown story and what you’ve done to keep sane?

I’m not sure I could say I kept very sane but I tried my best, writing a lot for poetry reviews and making demos. “Chanson Bleue” was the only song that came from that strange time, and that we kept on the album.

You work alongside production partner Baptiste Bertrand, how did you guys come together and what are your backstories?

I met Baptiste thanks to a friend we had in common, in October 2019. I had just one demo, “Le Chat de Schrödinger” and I was looking for someone to help me with producing it. It went very well, Baptiste did an amazing job, we worked on something like 10 or 12 songs together and kept 7 for the album.

Who are the artists and what are the albums that have inspired you most?

French artists like Deux, Ruth, Elli et Jacno, Etienne Daho, Black Devil Disco Club, Frustration, Zombie Zombie, Yan Wagner, Sébastien Tellier, but also New Order, Giorgio Moroder, Klaus Nomi, Alphaville, OMD, Molly Nilsson, John Maus and italo bands like Valerie Dore.

Away from the studio, what are your passions and pursuits?

I write texts, listen to music and I watch movies. 

What comes next after ‘L’Amour n’existera plus’?

There will be soon another EP, with new remixes with Black Devil Disco Club, Plaisir de France, Mike Simonetti, Automelodi, Tulioxi, Etienne Jaumet and maybe some others.

État Limite ‘L’Amour N’Existera Plus’ is out now

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