Dompe is a DJ & Producer from Germany with an absolute passion for House music. His credo is: A day without Music is a lost day. He’s a work machine in the studio – cause his Output is noticeably high. His releases are published on labels like GET PYSICAL, KITBALL and his own imprint JACK FRUIT RECORDINGS. Well known Artists like Carl Cox and Laurent Garnier play his songs regurlarly. Dompe´s Tracks mesmerize with  extraordinary vocals paired with optimal arranged Sounds and Baselines. Never boring and always innovative. His album Hippie Crack has just been released on vinyl and digital – reason enough to have a chat with the Berlin-based artist.

Hey Dompe, thanks for taking the time to chat with us today! What are you up to at the moment?

Hi guys, thanks for having me. As always during the week I’m in the studio and I’m looking forward to chatting with you.

You are in the business for a couple of years now. What are your thoughts today about your sound and how do you feel about your path thus far?

Of course, a lot has changed during the last 20 years. The goal was always clear but it was a detour. First as organizer then to the club operator in Cologne. But I found the business side of the whole game quite annoying, so I moved to Berlin. After moving to Berlin, I completely concentrated on producing and deejaying. The sound or the preference for music has also changed of course. From fast tool techno to groovy house.

Do you have any hobbies outside of music?

I cycle a lot in the warmer months, go swimming or meet friends at one of the many table tennis tables in Berlin to play a bit. A little exercise is always fine after a day in the studio.

No doubt, you are a big fan of house music. Where does this passion come from?

I started Deejaying in 1997 with hard fast tool Techno a la Ben Sims, Carl Cox, Jeff Mills etc. 10 years later I started to produce music but it was much groovier and slower. Since I moved to Berlin it became really housy. I go back the way, starting with techno to get to the house. And that’s how I found my love for Disco & Funk, which you can hear more and more in my tracks. Maybe it’s due to age ; )

“I believe in House Music!” – Dompe


We’ve seen that you’ve been on the road a lot across Germany with a lot of love and support on social media. What can people expect from your DJ gigs?

Party Itý groovy and pushes in any case always neatly. It’s pure house energy. I also think it’s important not to worry too much about the track selection beforehand. Every set is always for the moment. Of course it always varies according to playtime and place at funky or hardness.

I try not to let it get boring and try to keep my mixskills from the vinyl era even if you play with CD players. A certain alternation can never hurt. One should already notice that the set is alive. Also in a Houseset you can play a cool Technotrack. There’s nothing worse than when tracks are rewound from beginning to end, so it’s like a boring string of tracks without a soul.

Could you tell us about your album released on your label Jackfruit some weeks ago? What was the idea behind?

I had long intended to put the project into practice. Had also started several times but then rejected again and again. And in the end it was a short-term gut decision. I had produced about 20 finished tracks and then the idea came to make an album out of them. So the TRacks were all finished before I decided to make an album out of them.

But it was clear from the beginning to do that on my own label. I wanted to hold all the strings in my hands.

I had started my very clear ideas with the cover design, promo, marketing etc.. I didn’t want anyone to talk me into the choice of tracks. The cover of Bringmann & Kopetzki, my favourite comic artists, was a long cherished dream for me. I also wanted double vinyl and for fun I made cassettes. I think that everything would not have been possible on a foreign label. And when I look at the sales and streams, I am very happy to have done it all that way.

And what have you got coming up next?

In 2019 there will be EP´s on Smiley Fingers, Moonbootique and my label Jackfruit. A remix will be released on 3000 Grad Records as well. The remix edition of my album Hippie Crack is planned for 2020. I really can’t wait for…

Drink of choice…?

On Party Jägermeister on ice and in the studio nothing goes over “Goldenmalz” a wonderful malt beer from my homeland Germany.