One of the most known Mexican artists in the tech house/indie dance/nu Disco and House industry, Dimitri Saidi is quietly building a reputation for quality underground groove house music.

Dimitri has joined us today in a conversation about his productions and the newest release, “Los Homies” 

Dmitri Saidi – Los Homies is out now:

How are you, what have you been getting on with these past few months?

During all these months I have concentrated myself, especially on my album, and on releasing new music and songs. It has been a very productive few months. 

What did you learn during the pandemic year, what did you miss most?

I learned to be patient, to make the most of my time and always use it for productive things. I learned to dedicate all my time to my music and obviously I miss the music festivals and massive events.

What inspired your LP, it’s full of incredible sounds?

It was born from the desire to bring together all my friends from different parts of the world in the same musical album project, in which each one can expand to the fullest in their different styles and capacities. 

Was there a plan for it from the start, did you know how you wanted it to sound or did it just piece together?

I did not have an exact plan, everything came to be in a creative and organic way.

Any key instruments, use of plugins come into play for the LP?

I used a lot of samples and plugins, I didn’t use any instruments. 

Did the LP reflect your usual style, or was there perhaps a greater narrative at play for it?

It has a bit of my usual style, and the style of the label, but since several artists participate in it, it does not have a defined style. It is what makes it so authentic. I loved working with them. 

Who’s been one of the most influential figures with regards to your sounds?

I don’t have a specific influence on my sound, I only have influence on musical genres such as hio-hop, jazz, blues and disco.

Please share with us a track which will always stick with you, why is this?

“Toma” and “Quiere” because they have a lot of power on the dancefloor and people receive it very well. 

What future projects do you have in the works, anything you can share with us?

I am working very hard to sign into other great and legendary record labels from the industry, I am always looking forward to growing as an artist. And in the same way, I’m working with singers to integrate original vocals to my songs and future projects.