We caught up with Italian-native DJ and producer David Agrella to discuss his latest release ‘Flowing’ on his eponymous label alongside a quick dive into the things that have inspired him.

Hi David, welcome to Music is 4 Lovers. You’ve been immersed in dance music for well over a decade now, what is it that drives you to make music?

I can look at it as an extension of my personality, the fact that through the music I’m able to channel a cluster of emotions, that sort of emotional buggage often heavy to  carry. My mood really influences a lot on making music. I don’t see it necessarily as a fun moment but more as a mission to translate how I feel into the sound of a track.

I often imagine the tune already being played somewhere and I even see the dance floor and the people enjoying it.

You began your career in your native country Italy and then moved to London in 2011 where your reputation quickly took off. What inspired your move to London and how has your experience of the London scene been?

I moved to London to melt with a multicultural place and work hard on trying to leave behind that comfort zone that really pushes you back.

Although the industry has changed a lot during the past 10 years, I still believe that this is a place for meritocracy. A magical place where you can share your passion and ideas with other artists and influence each other. Something I found much harder in Italy as in my small hometown you didn’t really have many options. This is a really important aspect and very inspiring to me.

You recently launched your eponymous record label Agrellomatica Records, which has received high praise. In your opinion, what is the most important aspect of running a label? 

I think it’s important to preserve personality and creativity while looking at what the market has to offer. It’s good to be aware of the current trends but I do believe is much more important forging your product and releasing stuff that doesn’t identify with a specific genre/era. Inspired Dance Music for people to dance to it, above all.

What exciting things are on the horizon for Agrellomatica Records?

Lots of exciting news and releases on the pipeline, including a re-issue of Modulo my first ever vinyl release on Meadow Lark, a sub-label of Electronica Romana, made a few years back…

Your latest release ‘Flowing’, out on your Agrellomatica imprint, garnered support from the likes of Ian Pooley, Janeret and Dam Swindle to name a few. What was your creative process for this record? Do you approach each release in the same way?

I always approach releases in a different way. I go to the studio, start jamming, and if that works and I feel there’s magic in it, then I start to consider it as a possible release. I start with recording the jam, and so the drums, the bass, and the synths. I do very long recordings live while I manipulate the parameters on the machines.

I imagine the chord progressions and the possible variations and I store everything in the sequencer. Then I go back and organize all the parts and cut the best bits of it. Once I have a nice palette of sounds/ideas I start the arrangement and then record new things while continuing arranging. I step back for a few days, leave it breath and then go back to add the final elements/arrangement before the mixdown.

Undoubtedly your sonic palette draws from a range of tools and instruments. What piece of kit has been most crucial to your sound?

I would say, Roland Juno 106, SH 101, Nord Lead 3x, of course Roland Drum Machines and Elektron Machine Drum 

As well as being a successful DJ and producer you also host your own ‘Agrellomatica’ slot on London radio station Bloop where you showcase your eclectic musical inspirations. What is your process as a radio DJ? Where do your musical influences come from?

I do a lot of research on the web. I think band camp is great to find upcoming artists, and of course, still spend hours in record shops to find hidden gems. I also discover lots of good music and artists from a circle of friends. This is perhaps my favorite way, of discovering music and sharing it with people.

When are you at your most creative?

When I’m sad or in difficult moments, or in a shifting period of my life when there’s a change ahead.

Analog or digital? And why?

Both. They have been working very hard for the last 20 years to create amazing DAW and VSTs at a point to think to start emulating some of the most powerful and iconic analog synths. In my opinion analog does analog and digital does digital. I use all external analog/fm synthesizer and pre-amps but I also use many plug ins for processing and effects. The two things are complementary and can’t be substituted for each other, but rather enhance each other’s characteristics.

Who would your dream B2B slot be with?

Sven Vath, Laurent Garnier, Danny Tenaglia, DJ Harvey.

David Agrella ‘Flowing (Incl. Ben Hauke & Mr Barcode Remixes)’ is out on Agrellomatica Records on 18th July.


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