‘Shame’ is the most old skool yet from Mr old skool himself Joe Ventura. It’s sounds like it’s been transported from the dancefloor circa 1993 straight into the future with a bang in typical JV style. Brand New Heavies queen and certified UK soul sister Sulene Fleming joins forces with Joe once again and comes correct with a sublime vocal performance to match. Anthem Alert!

Interview With Joe Ventura

What have you been up to since we last spoke?

Busy with everyday life and music production, label management, artist management and the list goes on.

Tell us about your latest single ‘Shame’?

Shame is a piano riddled full vocal track featuring my girl Sulene Fleing of the Brand New Heavies. Sulene has an amazing and versatile voice and we have been keeping her busy.

You are working with legends Sulene Flemming & Robert Owens, how did this come about and how was it working with them?

This answer may seem a little harsh, but it is the truth. Fortunately, neither Robert or Sulene have their heads up their asses or inhaling their own exhaust like so many artists/producers/remixers and DJ’s in general. It seems in the house industry a lot of people have forgotten where they came from but more importantly forget that all the people you screw over on the way up will be waiting for you when you fall. I simply reached out to them, and they responded. I am grateful to work with them.

We notice in your music you’re heavily influenced by old school house. How important is it for you to keep those influences in your music today?

Old school house will always be a part of my sound. It is in my blood and DNA. You have to remember, I started in this game in the mid-80’s and have experienced all genres. House is where I will spend the rest of my time.

You have built a great following on your live streams, do you have any tips for anyone looking to create a following?

Always remember, the formula for success is failure. Stick with it and stay true to you.

You have recently come back into the scene after a long hiatus, how has it changed? How has your experience been so far?

A lot of things have changed but most have remained the same. I am happy to see that some people stuck with it, and it looks like it is paying off for them. My personal experience has been good. I have reacquainted with some old contacts, made new contacts and am happy to be able to pick and choose who I want to work with. All the people I associate with is top-notch.

What can we expect from yourself & Big Speaker Music in the future?

More great music. Some expected stuff as well as a few surprises. I like to keep it interesting. You just never know what we have up our sleeve!

-Joe Ventura

Turn it up & enjoy!