Moritz Bommert aka Bomat is a German composer, producer and DJ based in Berlin. His passion for house music started at a young age when he moved to Berlin and studied the city’s vibrant musical landscape. After a creative break, he began producing again in 2018 and discovered his unque and distinctive sound under his Bomat alias, before teaming up with iconic NYC label Nervous Records.

Following the release of his latest single ‘Doing All Right’ on the label, Bomat now enlightens us with his top ten tracks of the moment.

Mike Dunn – Strut Cho Phunky Stuff (Sho’ Nuff)

Super cool funk house tune with a super raw vocal processing that really makes the atmosphere. 

Jesse Bru – In Different Places

The exact type of dreaminess I get carried away by and always look for in my own productions.

Duke Hugh – Common Ground (feat. Renato Paris)

Modern soul music I fall for. Perfect chords and harmonies, beautiful voice and songwriting + a super organic groove. A bless. 

Laurence Guy – Your Good Times Will Come

Dancefloor tune – really love the on point sample use which gives the production much more depth.

Felipe Gordon x Cody Currie – Cold Nights (feat. Ally McMahon)

Nice jazz house tune. I love the organic approach to the whole production.

DJ ÆDIDIAS – L’aquitaine

Drum work on point and chords progression very nicely put together. Often you just do not need more. Reduction is key.

Muchos Plus – Nassau’s Discos

One of these super rare record store findings which I love to discover. A truly timeless disco tune. 

Rivage – Sha-Na-Na

Also a recent record store discovering which I will never let go of. Disco at it’s best. The whole album is incredible.

Gooey Editz – Rain (Siggatunez Edit)

Very nice disco re-work and super good warm up track. 

Blackloops – Banana 20

Very dope production. Love the use of vocal snippets in combination with the timeless chord progression. A sound I really can identify with.