Hi Bartella ! It’s a pleasure to have you here with us. How have you been lately ?
Hi, thank you for having me. I’m very well, keeping busy juggling family life & music. It’s also been a great Summer in London.


Congratulations on your recent EP My Everything on My Other Side of The Moon ! What was your inspiration behind this EP ?
I’ve always loved the sound of strings in electronic music so I wanted to experiment with it. The first track I made was Mi Orquesta, I found the string sample & experimented by adding drums. It then started to come together nicely so I persisted to finish it. After that, I collaborated with Argentinian singer Marce Smith on My Everything. We then went on to reach out to Daniel Rateuke for the remix. Lastly, I felt inspired to make a part 2 to Mi Orquesta to finish off the EP, so then came Cadena De Vida. I’m very happy with the end product, the whole EP is certainly different to what’s out there at the moment.


How did you first get into music production ?
I’ve always wanted to make my own music & have my own identity alongside the DJ’ing. I felt it was the right time when I really knew deep down the sounds that gripped me & I most enjoyed playing out at my gigs after 10 years of DJ’ing. Now I’ve reached this point, I’m determined to keep growing & learning.


You honed your skills in music production whilst attending a music school in London. What was that experience like for you ?
In the first part of my learning I attended a class of 6 at an electronic music school in East London. This taught me the basic fundamentals. The next step and the real growth then came when I found my private tutor Fabio Lendrum. He’s a great guy & easy to work with. I found I learnt so much from him that you just can’t learn no matter how many Youtube tutorials you watch. I also learnt a great deal from Sandy Rivera who I released some music with last year. We spoke a lot and I took away some great pointers from Sandy.


Based in London, you have a lot of experience as a resident DJ around the city as well as overseas. How much of an impact this had on your sound and your artistic development overall ?
Living in London I’m able to play my own sounds & experiment. People here are much more open to discovering music from the DJ rather than requesting something that’s on the commercial charts. This is so important if you want to express yourself as a DJ.


How does your setup look like ?
I have a very modest setup. KRK monitors, native instruments M32 Keyboard, SSL interface, iMac with everything in the box.


Can you mention some of the instruments ( digital or analog ) that you believe define your sound ?
I would say Uhe – Diva is the main synth that defines my sound. I just love it and always reach for it once I’ve laid down some drums. I tend to also mostly use Monark on bass. Around that, I love all the sound toys plugins.


What has been your highlight gig this year ?
A rooftop in central London this Summer overlooking Oxford Street one Saturday afternoon. The sun was shining & the energy was just amazing.


What can we expect from Bartella in the near future ?
I’m excited for more collaborations & more releases. I feel I have much more to go at so I’m focusing on putting more music out. It would also be great to play some gigs overseas so let’s see what the rest of the year brings.


Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer our questions, is there anything else you would like to mention before we go ?
I would like to thank the team at MOS of the Moon for their hard work on this release and Daniel for the incredible remix. Thank you to you guys also for taking the time to speak with me.

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