We have the pleasure of speaking with esteemed and diverse label Boukan Records boss Bamao Yendé. Known for it fusion of break beat and afro house, it is oen of the most interesting labels we have come across so here we go. An interview with the man himself, Bamao Yendé…


How are you, what good and what’s bad right now?

It’s great, everything is going well, the compilation just out we’re in the World Cup final, I’m starting to tame my MC 808, so frankly, everything is going well.

Whats an average day in your life like? Do you just do music or do you have any other jobs?

I get up around noon, but I try to change it, I try to rediscover the morning but it’s not easy.

nope, I’m lucky, I have no other jobs than to make sound for me or produce for friends, digging music or taking care of the label.

How did you come to this sound you have on the label? What was your route to it, what’s inspired it?

I do not really come from suburbs of Paris, I grew up in a cosmopolitan world, I rubbed shoulders with a lot of different nationalities with different music, I dug a little more in the music that I liked the most, it went from kuduro music to a little more oriental. Moreover my parents come from sub-Saharan Africa, it’s the music that passed at home I grew up with that. a bit bitter high school I looked at the music that came from Great Britain, I discovered grime and UK garage. I think that the label is a melting pot for a bit of everything, we mix a little bit of everything that inspired us all that fed us to try to make our own.

Is there a big community of producers making this sound, do you get sent it often, or are they all close friends in a crew you know?

Paris has more and more, we have a dozen friends to have more or less the same influences with different styles,  we are often heard the pieces to appear or the pieces on which we work, including There are a lot of things that will happen, especially with Waldman, the boss of Lief Records, or Amor Satyr – Big Brothers.The return will be hot.

Tell us about the new compilation – why did you want to put it together? What was the plan for it?

We had no real plan, the compilation was ready for some time, we wanted to release a last // first compilation before returning to the back with the first releases vinyl, eps etc.I found that each track was consistent with each other despite gender differences

How did you decided who to put on the compilation? Did many have to miss out?

Most of the artists on the compilation are pals to me, or at least people with whom I have maintained E-contacts for a little while already, it’s artists that I respect for their music, we understand each other rather well So it went smoothly, in the way you have a track we will release a compilation, and the answer was yeah serious I send it, it was very quiet, not very head in BKR .

Will you look to do albums and more releases with your artists or are you just about club 12”s? 

Yes, we’ll do more outings. specific soon, until we worked a lot in compilation, because I think for a young label is the best way to rotate the cam, to spread it more easily. but from the beginning, we will leave the club we will propose projects a little more rnb, we will still leave the club music but we will diversify  About your own sounds – what are your goals, are you a man or something else?  I started playing the piano when I was little for about ten years then I stopped, I’ll get back to it more seriously. I have a live project with mcs on which I have to work, and I have some eps on fire.

What else have you got coming up or are you looking forward to?

Have to finish several small projects on which I work with Nyoko Bokbae, Fannie Doll, 47 Meow it will be super fun, I hate to present them to the public. There are the projects of my reufs Fatal Walima and Moku John who are hyper exciting, we have the latest stuff to settle and we will deal with this cam. it’s going to be crazy, 100% Fun 100% faya 200% Love

How do you rate France’s chances in the World Cup? Do you keep up with the football?

I think we’ll win, I hope, I lived the first world cup 98 I was a kid I was 4 years old, I can feel the fervor, I want to live it fully, j think we have all our chances. hehe yes, PSG boy. I wish we won the World Cup, and the league champions with psg, it would be a perfect combo I think.

Boukan Volume 1 is out now! Grab it here: https://www.beatport.com/release/boukan-vol-1/2326028