Welcome to Music Is 4 Lovers! Where are you in the world right now?

Hello friends, thanks for the invite. I am now in a small town amid the Ecuadorian Andes called Gualaceo, 30 minutes from Cuenca, surrounded by rivers and mountains – my new current base and creative trench.

Congratulations on the new release, this is a great 3-track EP! What was the inspiration for it?

Thank you very much! Waves of Life EP is the result of everyday learning and sudden moments of inspiration, it’s a story of the unconscious that was gestured in the pandemic and whose fruits are being reaped now. Acid Feelings, for instance, is inspired by the love of music in general, by my solid influences of acid house and experimental music. Overall, it intends to portray a new, yet familiar, feeling of ‘endless love,’ from which much is talked about, yet only music has the potential to bring to life.

“The Underground“ on the other hand, is a combination of pre-pandemic memories of enigmatic and euphoric times, which seemed to not have limits or disruptions as time was ‘perfect,’ as were the illusion of loved ones and friendships lasting forever. In short, a journey of sounds and beats where feet can tap into those memories in a synchronic journey that the DJ can only boost.

For the last track “Waves of Life,“ after which the EP is named, I was inspired by the cocktail of emotions brought about by the pandemic. I relied on rather upbeat and fresh rhythms, which nonetheless mix with a subtle melancholic vibe, which gives the track its dual flavour. The blunt message of Facundo Cabral’s “You’re not depressed, you’re distracted” gives also a hint of the diagnosis of the troubled, yet dynamic, times of life days, turning the whole piece into a sublime track for mind, spirit and body.

How did you connect with Savia Park for this release?

Going over Nicola Cruz’s music, I found a remix for Savia Park of the track by Slurm and Jaramillo – Another Feeling whose conceptual work I really liked. In particular, I was drawn by the fresh combination of music, covers artwork, which distills a lot of professionalism in how they put things together. In my spare time, I’m also a fan of plastic artists and art, so my sporadic and rather informal painting inclinations got me hooked up to this label. Ultimately, I chose some ready-made tracks, put them all together before sending a few demos and after 6 months got a response from the label. They had chosen three tracks and this is how the whole process started.

When creating music do you have certain labels in mind or is that not something you think about?

For me, the best way of working is the one that occurs naturally and in freedom without limitations where it is only you and the music, flow and create based on the emotions of the moment, memories or what is happening in life and the environment, not so much thinking about a stamp.

What is your creative process like? Do you have concrete ideas before you start producing?

I am very faithful to my emotions and sensations, just as I enjoy happiness. I also allow myself to feel sadness, I no longer tame or anesthetize them, in this way by better understanding this range of emotions that we have, it is easier to express them in music and ideas, they simply land.

Have you been able to road test the new EP yet? What have the crowd reactions been like?

Not yet, I haven’t started my tour yet, for now I’m finishing another side project, but I’m very happy and excited because fellow DJs and radio friends are already playing it and there are very good comments about it.

How does it feel to be back to touring life? Is that something you missed throughout the pandemic?

In the pandemic we kept up with podcasts on Facebook from the Soul47 Platform that I manage in Cuenca in an online quarantine-based program called 47Lab with the most popular artists in Ecuador such as Ordonez, Carloh, Slurm, Cristhian Balcázar and more… in which it was another way to interact with fans and friends to now strongly continue my career and return to the stage.

What are some of your favorite labels and artists right now?

Poker Flat fromSteve Bug, Satoshi Tomiie, Alex Arnout, Francesca Lombardo, Fumiya Tanaka, Tini, Sebo K, Mr. C , Cinthie, Jose Wated, Melissa Santa Maria, Andre Salmon and more..

What are the key elements for the perfect party in your eyes?

The “warm up” and the good sequence of the music from the beginning to the end (from less to more), a good warm up is like the preliminaries in sex without this it is difficult to have a perfect party.

Is there anything else coming up for you guys that you can tell us about? Big shows? New music?

Soon I will be announcing my dates and my next release for the end of the year. Thank you very much Music Is 4 Lover, enjoy Waves of Life… and go with the flow!…



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