UK artist Alex Over sets out his stall with a brand new label, Perpetual Collective. We caught up with him to discuss the debut release, his path into music and the things that make him tick.

Hi Alex, thanks for taking the time to talk to Music is 4 Lovers. You’re based in London, England right? How has the last year been for you and the UK capital?

Of course! Pleasure and thanks for having me. That’s correct, based in London and nearly three years, it’s been quite full-on with everything happening with the pandemic in terms of the last year especially. Despite that I love London, it’s been a challenge, but it’s very much home for me.

You’ve been on the electronic music scene for some time now, can you give us a little insight into your journey into music and how you got to where you are now?

Yeah, it’s a bit mad to think that. It feels like it all started yesterday as I’ve been looking back and seeing what involvement I’ve been in within the scene. It started, like most, I guess, where I started going to clubs at 16 (18, I mean ha) saw a lot of great live music and DJ sets. More drawn towards the club scene and spent most weekends doing this. I loved the idea of how DJ’s draw a crowd. I got myself some decks, learnt how to mix on vinyl, attended a music production school in Brighton called Access to Music, performed at student nights for a further two years to gain a residency at a club night called Audio in Brighton. I was also part of an Electronic group called ‘Let The Machines Do The Work’, which saw some great exposure on a performance level and a release schedule. I’ve also studied at SAE in London in Sound Design. I’m at a stage where I’m releasing a variation of material, a lot of my fabric as self-releases and more towards Sync work too.

You are launching a new label, Perpetual Collective. What’s the meaning behind the name and what’s the label’s intent?

I love the idea of something not having a particular end to it. Hence the word ‘Perpetual’ and for the word ‘Collective’, you always hear the term label, which just sounded right for this specific situation, was not just to release my music but have other artists on there too, up and coming or not I could choose based on each artist.

Your new release is a two track offering that sees you collaborating with Andrew Shobeiri. What can you tell us about your music partner and this release?

Drew and I first met through Music College and spent some time collaborating, which started maybe 6-7 years ago. We have made a lot of material, which showcases just part of what’s to come, which is also exciting. He works under a completely separate alias, too, as Rene Wise.

What can you tell us about performance experiences to date? Are you a DJ or live artist? What have been your highlights on this front?

Had both DJ and Live performances alongside such acts as Zane Lowe, Bookashade, James Zabiela right through Flux Pavilion.

We understand you host your own podcast, tell us about this.

I do! Podcasting is something I always wanted to do since the very early days they started. My show, called ‘The U-Turn Podcast’ which didn’t begin till mid-2018, came off the back of a difficult time, also came alongside when I started my Psychology studies. It’s going into the third season, and number two was about interviewing people within the music industry, such as Bradley Gunn Raver to Ian Hurst from ‘We Are Hummingbird’ but was cut short due to the pandemic. More to come from this, though, as have new plans and aims around the show.

Away from the studio and DJ booth, what are your personal passions or hobbies?

I love Tennis, play at a local club, and been back playing regularly at a good level. It’s a great sport and helps me be in the moment, and it’s very social and a great way to keep fit on both sides. Explore the city, as my girlfriend does photography. We try out hidden gems and leave reviews on many different places for people to try out. I’m also currently studying a Psychology degree with The Open University, which expands to so many factors and interests for me; I’ve just finished a particular module within social sciences.

What do you have lined up for the year ahead?

Have an array of new music to come out. Hoping potentially to get some on some suitable labels, keep at it with my self-releases, sync work, and of course the collective itself – new podcast series, next Psychology module, so yeah, a lot’s happening right now, a lot of fun, though!

001by Alex Over and Andrew Shobeiri drops via Perpetual Collective on 25th June.