With a new one dropping on the Swiss-label, Actual Music, we got a chance to talk with Alex Mota on the making of this release, and to hear what else is going on in his world right now. Check the full interview below and be sure to check the premiere for ‘Chicago‘ off the EP.


Interview With Alex Mota

1.) Your new release, ‘First Walk’, can you tell us a little about the making of this EP?  What inspired you to make it? What was the creative process? 

I wanted to start on a kind of deep EP that would integrate a classic sounds like guitar, trumpet and flute, so that I could play them in my sets in order to try to create a warm and friendly acoustic vibe. The title “Senses” goes a little bit away from  this idea and goes in a more nu disco direction. It was added afterwards as a complement.

2.) Our premiere track, ‘Chicago’ is a superb deep groover, that trumpet layer is just brilliant! Can you hone in and tell us a bit more about this track?

One evening at home, after a long day , I sat in front of the TV and I stumbled upon a documentary about Miles Davis. I remember being fascinated by the way he managed to create such a groove while staying calm and warm with his instrument, and I thought it might be interesting to try to integrate a little bit of this “lounge jazz ” atmosphere into a track.


3.) You’ve got some other cool releases under your belt, can you shine the spotlight on a few of your own favorites?

In the same genre as this EP, I like a track called “New York” on Actual Music Records.  It has a deep house kind of jazzy atmosphere with piano and flute that I like to play. Otherwise “Sunset”. This is in a styl that’s more disco and house on Monoside Records, which is more like the direction I’m going in right now.


4.) What have you been up to keep busy during the quarantine time?

I took the opportunity to focus on several tracks and to work on an album project that I hope will be finished for the end of 2020.


5.) What’s up next for you that you’d like to plug here for the readers?

My next EP with a more garage, disco and bug Detroit influence that should be released in the fall.

-Alex Mota




Turn it up & enjoy!