2018 has been an amazing year for Alex Kennon, having released across a number of premium labels he then rounded off summer winning at the DJ Awards, taking Best Newcomer. We caught up with Alex to discuss what a summer is has been for him, as well as what we can expect as the winter months close in.

First off, congratulations on your recent win at the DJ Awards 2018. You were crowned Best Newcomer, what does it mean to you to have this title?
Thank you, it was a really nice sensation to be there with such amazing legends around receiving their own awards too. It is a great moment when you remember all of the hard work and sacrifices over the years are going in the right direction.

Do you feel that winning such award helps project you further into the public eye or is it more of an internal industry booster?
It was an internal industry booster mirrored by the public eye. I’ve never before received so many congratulatory messages in my life.

Your tour schedule has taken you all around the world, have there been any standout memories from your time on the road? Memorable venues etc?
So many memories come to mind! The Social Festival in Mexico and Extrema Outdoor in Belgium were both amazing. More recently the Propaganda show in Moscow or the Ponton shows were super fun.

You must have had some amazing b2b sessions to date, who is the DJ you would love to play alongside that you haven’t already?
I have so many of them, I simply cannot say only one name…

Which labels can we expect to see you on over the next six months?
I have released lined up on Crosstown Rebels/Rebellion, Saved, VIVa Music and much more to come.

Are there any labels that you haven’t released on yet but are aiming for?
I really love Kompakt.

Which track of yours has had the biggest effect on the dance floor this summer?
The Crazy Pee release was a strong one, but the upcoming Ep on Viva and Saved are also strong. The ‘Visions’ track upcoming on Crosstown/Rebellion is also a bomb.

Do you find the sound of your sets changes when it is winter compared to summer?
More or less I find it the same, maybe it gets a bit darker and more eclectic during the winter, but it is just a sensation.

Will you be playing in the US any time soon?
We are trying to build up a tour for 2019 around America, we have received some requests, really can’t wait!

If you had to choose one American house classic what would it be?
Model 500 – Future (Vocal)




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