One can say: Whatever you do, do with determination. You have one life to live; do your work with passion and give your best. Whether you want to be an actor, a booking agent or a music producer – be passionate to get the best result. AGJA’s passion for electronics started early – he experimented at the tender age of 14 with an Roland MC-303 and an Atari 1040ST. Soon technical equipment replaced the matchbox cars on his desk and the love for sound-generators grew more and more.

Music from artist’s such as Aphex Twin and Squarepusher but also Stockhausen and Sala have influenced him very early, which is still noticeable through playful sound experiments and research.

This affinity went so far, that in 2009 Agja began studying to become a Master in sound and music and had successfully completed this in 2012. Since then, he is not only involved in his own music, he also worked for many TV and film projects, as well as mixing and mastering engineer.

Agja’s sound is characterized by minimalistically complex repetitive cartridges, which leaves room to play but still drift straight. Expression through waves, voltage and changes. Ambitious perfectionism and attention to detail are reflected in his productions and gives insights in his viewings of environment.

Who or what are your greatest influences so far?

Back in the days the record box of my older brother. So I had the influence of music from Artists like Afx, the Orb, Klinik, Squarepusher, Anne Clark but also dead Kennedys, nofx and stuff like this as a child.

Can you let us about scene in Berlin?

The scene in Berlin is something special. It is fast and confusing, but can be somekind of familia.

In the beginning it feels huge, but the more time you’ve been involved the more familiar it will be and you will notice, that it isn’t that big you thought. But although the variety makes it so special. The amount of different characters and societies is something unique. You could probably be and live as what you are.

Photo: Lena Obst

What club should we go if we visit Berlin right now?

I would recommend fiese Remise. If there is something, its awesome! I do like the tiny chamber in the cellar there. It is low, dark and nifty like in the good old days. Or the god old Hoppetosse. Reminds me the Partys we had back in Hamburg. I love this Place…

But there are so many good Clubs right here in Berlin.

If u want some Clubbing just go for it. And also go for the tiny corner-bars – I enjoyed the best Partys there…

Photo: Lena Obst

What artists do you love past and present that have inspired and encouraged you and what parties that you love going to have helped your musical evolution?

I would say the most important and influencing artist for me is squarepusher.

The way he bends sound and combined it with his unique way of bass playing is awesome. Still gets me every time.

The most influenced parties would probably be the old days at the Sissyphos. Almost 10 years ago things wasn’t that huge and the community felt a bit stronger then these days. For me, as a student to that time, it was probably the best time for being a student in Berlin.

How have you been keeping busy during lockdown?

A lot of Studiotime… And I used the time do learn new things like 3d animation and stuff I loved to learn but never had the time to. I also had the best quarantine-partner I could imagine. We discovered many places outside the city and had our little adventures.

Also a friend of mine started a streaming show every Wednesday, where we show us our momentary projects we worked on to discus our state of work, that helped a lot to motivate me every week.

Where is the best place to listen to your latest EP “Der Junge Falke” and what should we be drinking?

Hm, for me it is some listening stuff. Grab a good, hot coffee, find a place on the shore and enjoy all the tiny things happening simultaneously. The Ducks floating, the small waves breaking the lights, the people around hasting and doing stuff. Enjoy the moment and the variety of this ep.

Every remixer did a wonderful work with his own sight of the original. And that’s what it makes so unique and so full of details.

What are the ingredients of a great record in your opinion ?

The feeling of the moment. I can’t tell the golden rule what it needs to have to be great, because I think there is non rule like this except that moment it produced in. I would like to feel what the artist wanted to tell or what he feels in this moment. The quality of the sound isn’t the most important. Give me the place for memories and you will catch me.

What else can we expect from AGJA over the next year?

Hm, don’t know exactly. I will work on a new studio, play around my live-set and just enjoy the things that would come. If learned a thing during lockdown… you never know what happen… so just let it flow by as you can- so do I.