Inflyte has today announced an exciting new partnership with Pioneer DJ and it’s newly released rekordbox 6.0 application. The partnership will see Inflyte become the only promo platform integrated with Pioneer DJ’s rekordbox creating a seamless workflow for DJs and users of Inflyte.

This will no doubt come as great news for the 75% of Inflyte users already using PioneerDJ’s music management software. Now when promos arrive from Inflyte they will automatically appear in rekordbox without having to transfer them, similar to Beatport, SoundCloud and iTunes integrations. For Inflyte users who also take advantage of the platforms Dropbox integration, rekordbox can now auto-sync from their Inflyte Dropbox folder as well.

A huge time-saver for DJs removing the need to download and rename tracks, update metadata, import folders and so on. Instead, the tracks will appear instantly within rekordbox as soon as they have been rated on Inflyte.

Inflyte’s collaboration with the market leader in DJ hardware and software is one of the most significant advancements in pre-release promo delivery in recent years. We are hugely excited that our clients are now a couple of clicks short of getting their promos directly on to DJs USB sticks and this presents a massive opportunity for the labels and PR agencies using our service.” – Inflyte Co-Founder and CEO Paul Hamill