Each month in 2018, Ibiza Live TV generated over 1.3 million advertising impacts on tourists, and that is projected to grow to approx 1.8 million impacts per month in summer 2019. This makes Ibiza Live TV the largest digital screen network in the Balearics, and one now shown in more than 100 hotels on approximately 14500 screens across the White Isle. It is dominant in the market and a proven success that continues to help the local tourism industry and businesses, services, brands or venues promote their own messages direct to their target audience while on their holidays. In 2018, the company also launched the hugely successful Ibiza Rocks TV and will again manage that in 2019.

The focus at Ibiza Live TV is always on streaming great quality content while co-creating unique new shows such as The Ibiza Vibe, which showcases the best of Ibiza products and provides them with a platform to connect people with their products. Next to that, the channel plays a variety of well produced programmes focused on the tourists, music and clubs that make the White Isle such a globally renewed location. Content touches on a range of subjects from health to wellness, fitness to interviews, DJ sets, music features and content from industry leading partners such as DJ Mag UK, DJ Mag Spain, Essential Ibiza and many more.

What makes Ibiza Live TV unique is their model, which gives brands, marketers and content creators a special position to place their message in front of a captive and targeted audience of tourists from around Europe. It is efficient, accountable and driven by data so deliverables can be closely monitored.

Says CEO Brett Taylor, “It’s a very exciting time for our business, we’re growing faster than anticipated, breaking new ground, going to new areas. Our approach to the channel is focused on good quality content that also transitions to the mobile space where brands and content creators can extend their reach into a new space whilst providing value to the hotels. We have some very exciting new projects to release in 2019 so watch this space.”

Fellow CEO Javier Fernandez Careno adds, “Following our initial vision of creating a channel that promoted both the culture and tourism of Ibiza, we have realized that we are not only fulfilling our objectives but that we are also in a position to explore new challenges and create a multi-channel promotion network that is capable of satisfying tourists, hotels, brands and advertisers. Without a doubt, we are creating a new way of getting those messages to more and more people while maintaining our vision of quality content and service.”

2019 will see the company roll out the platform to other areas, as well as expand further into radio space and assist with programming at the recently launched Playa Sol Radio. As such it will continue to help the local tourism industry and business services or venues in Ibiza–and soon Barcelona–to promote their own messages direct to people on their holidays.

You can catch the guys at this year’s International Music Summit 2019 in Ibiza with some very special things in store.