Since 2014, Zürich based record label, Indiana Tones, has been rockin’ the temple of boom–focusing on nu-disco, indie dance, and house.

Run by Salamanda, the IT catalogue has featured a throng of blue-chip artists; such as Vanilla Ace, Nora En Pure, Dragon Suplex, Teenage Mutants, Matchy & Bott, Fennec & Wolf, Martin Waslewski, Wasabi, Nhan Solo, Superlover, Dilby, and Salamanda, themselves.

We’ve been following Indiana Tones since they started up, so it’s a happy day to feature the outfit for our 48th Label Lovers episode. Enjoy!




01. BWAXX – Wildfire feat. Joao PIccoli (Original Mix)
02. Bombay Traffic-Soul Brother (Original Mix)
03. Freiboitar – Love To Laugh (Superlover Remix)
04. Pete Adams – Stoned Love (Original Mix)
05. KlangTherapeuten  – Get It On (Original Mix)
06. Salamanca – Changes (Original Mix)
07. SHMN – Off The Beat (Sebastian Gnewkow Remix)
08. Jaques Le Noir – Strange Directions (Original Mix)
09. Adam de Maaral – Deseo (Original Mix)
10. Bombay Traffic – Get Low (Original Mix)
11. Salamanda – White Boxes (Original Mix)
12. YNOT & DBMM – Yeah Boi (Original Mix)
13. Yannick Müller – No Longer (David K. Remix)


– jams
Jimbo James