Fresh new talent from the Brighton scene is Perry Granville. Born and raised in Windsor, at the turn of the acid house revolution, residing by the sea for the last 20 years. Granville, aka Dave Sibbo, used to run Indie label ‘Coastism’, working with Skint Records and Tru Thoughts. He hosts a regular party at the Hotel Pellirocco named ‘Disco Minge’ and is influenced by the more avant-garde corner of electronic music.

The Sailing Ships story started with the big build. I needed a creative space to make noise away from the house so decided to build “Perry Grand Villas” studio. Built with my own fair hands (with a bit if help from my mate Arthur, it was a labour of love. Hard work but worth every minute.

This is how it looks today.

This is where I sketch out my ideas with the Guv Andrew Weatherall, looking down on me for luck. I like to use Reason, a M-Audio Trigger Finger Pro for knocking out drums and an Arturia KeyLab 49 for melodies, pads and basslines. Crystal clear Kali Monitors sound great in the Villa.

With the sequence mapped out and a bag full of ideas, I went to a mate’s studio to and add some analogue warmth. My favourite being this gorgeous Juno 60 was used for the heavy chord section in ’Sailing Ships’.

-Perry Granville


Turn it up & enjoy!