Mane was born in the Mexican Caribbean, traveled a long musical journey to find home. From the absent music Scene of the Mexican Caribbean in the 90s -nothing alike nowadays- listening to tapes brought by European tourists, through Monterrey Mexico where he held a residency in Aura Club, sharing the decks with international Djs like Mattias Aguayo, Nick Höppner (back then as My My), André Kraml, Magda, Bodzin, and more, until 2010 when he moved to Berlin, playing in open airs and clubs like Sisyphos, Farbfernseher and Rummelsbucht. Mane has gone through most genres but has ultimately found home in Detroit and Chicago house music, which he loves to play and produce in his recently built studio in Helsinki, Finland, where he spends most of the time working for his upcoming imprint, Snake Pit Records.

Peer into this talented artists workspace in our studio feature below where he showcases his 5 essential pieces of gear used in production.

1. Prophet 600

You need an analog polyphonic synthesiser. The P600 has the best bang for the buck. Top tier tone, close to the P5 but 1/5 of the price. Get it without the Z80 mod and do it yourself! I used to have a Prophet 6, I don’t miss it!

2. 808

Some things don’t have a cheap alternative. This is one of those. If the 808 sound is important to your productions, its gotta be the real thing.

3. MPC2000XL

This ties the studio together and sets the workflow. Enough limitations to keep you creative but enough features to get you there, and a beautiful tone.

4. Moog

First synth I bought, someone was selling it for $350 usd (back where I come from, nobody knows what a Moog is, so nobody wanted to buy it). Since I listened to it, I knew I had to get more gear. Fruity Loops and Reason weren’t gonna cut it for me. You need a good Analog Monophonic synth that can make fat warm basses. You also need a great filter in your studio, and this has it. Pass anything through it, cranck it up to add a bit of distortion, beautiful sound.

5. DBX 160XT

Best bang for the buck and easy to use compressor. It just puts the drums and bass in the right spot, no hassle, nice punch. No cold digital sounding, compressed but alive.

Turn it up & enjoy!