If Cerrone and Todd Terje rejoiced in coitus, KX9000’s music would rise as their baby. His vision resonates in us: a silky dream filled with funk, where sexy reigns over his productions as a fierce but just ruler. Nurtured by Herbie Hancock, George Clinton or even Kraftwerk, Kx9000 approaches music as a desire while also attempting to remain as personal as can be during the conception of his current and future project.

We got the chance to peer inside the maestro’s studio space, and see his 5 favorite pieces of gear to play with!

1. Moog Sub Phatty

It is the most important gear that I owe, it is not the most expensive but from my experience it is so practical and it never gets loose. The sub is so heavy and the multidrive add a plus on licks and leads.

2. Sequential Circuits Drumtraks

I bought it from an American guy with linn drums eproms, I program my patterns in midi and the 12 bits sounds bring a lot of colors to my drums and percs to get cool 80’s boogie vibe, I love it!

3. Juno 106

So practical to use, I specifically like using the LFO on my stabs or solo licks and the Chorus is a bit noisy but so wide!

4. Eventide H3000 Ultra Harmonizer

It is with this kind of gear that -I think- you can add a real difference in the sound of a track.  Exceptional on synths and guitars, even for drums. It has infinite complexifying variety with the stereo pitch shifts, reverse, multiband delays and many more.

5. Roland TR606

Added recently to the gear of the Pont Neuf Records Studio I fell in love with how its sounds and its ergonomy. Not as cliche as the 808 and the 909, It adds a specific cold electronic vibe to drums to balance with the warmness of the drumtraks. I love to jam with the play mode to humanize even more the playing.


Turn it up & enjoy!