With appearances at clubs and festivals across Europe and Asia such as Magnetic Fields, Snowbombing, Houghton and Love International, guest mixes for Slothboogie, Zeezout and Red Light Radio and regular all night long vinyl sets at the legendary Brilliant Corners, 2019 was a busy year for Kristy. While her club sets centre around house, Italo and acid, Kristy demonstrates the full spectrum of her musical knowledge on her two hour radio slots at Operator Radio Rotterdam and Netil Radio London. Her regular radio shows have seen her broadcast B2B sessions with underground music’s most talented selectors such as Hugo Mari, Kassian, Christophe (Futureboogie), Joe Corti, Wayward and Ben Gomori. Here you can listen to her play anything from jazz and rare groove to synth pop and zouk.

In October 2019, Kristy released her track ‘Uncle Jungle’ as part of the ‘Dialogues’ VA on Monologues Records alongside Paxton Fettel, Manakinz and Maxime Alexander. A smoky late night groove featuring some infectious roaring diva vocals. The track and subsequent EP on the same label racked up support from some of Kristy’s biggest influencers; Black Loops, Demuir, Luke Solomon, Jacques Renault, Fouk, Shadow Child and Krywald and Farrer to name a few. The EP vividly represents her eclectic DJ sets, blending disco, house and Latin elements.

We were given the chance to glance into her workspace and see where this artist cranks out all the magic and hear what her five essential tools are.

I split my time between my basic home studio setup and the studio I share with the Kassian boys in Hackney Wick. Since lockdown I’ve been creating a lot more at home and using more of my instruments; guitar, old childhood keyboard, HPD20 as a conga etc.

1. Akai MPD32

When I first got into sampling, I just used a midi keyboard and the sampler in Ableton. Then I saw a picture of Romare’s home setup and became obsessed with the MPD32. I love sampling old blues and soul records like he does so bought the MPD32 off eBay the moment I saw his setup.

2. Arturia Minilab

I’ve been using a few of the Analog Lab soft synths for a while (mainly the Jupiter and Farfisa as I love organs and bright 80’s synth sounds). When I was looking for a little Midi keyboard to make music on the move, I picked this one because all of the Analog Lab plugins came with the package! Result. 

3. Roland HPD20

I originally bought this for my live setup but have been using it to add conga sounds to my productions. It’s been pretty hard to get a good flow but I’m getting there! I love loose, swung percussion and a good conga. Can’t get enough of the conga.

4. Sub Phatty

This badass is one of my favourite pieces of kit. It’s so damn sexy. The warm, fat, rumbling bass lines you can create with this adds so much to a track! I mainly use it for sub layers. The filter section is amazing; you can move smoothly from warm and wide to gritty AF analog tones.

5. Ableton Push

Standard but so damn useful! Any time I use the push I end up jamming so much more and find it really easy to flow. Especially for programming drums and triggering multiple samples. I find the push a lot simpler and more user friendly than the MPD!

Turn it up & enjoy!