From psychedelic cumbia to dub, salsa to footwork, tribal to techno, The Tropical duo from Perú, Dengue Dengue Dengue explore analog and digital rhythms, to create their unique sound. With their latest release hitting On The Corner Records’ ‘Door To The Cosmos’ sampler, we peeped inside their studio to see which tools are instrumental in the making of this unique sound.

1. Behringer Model D

The Model D is a very good imitation of a Mini Moog and also works really nice for a heavy rounded sub-bass at low notes.

2. Waldorf Streichfett and 2-Pole Filter

The Waldorf Streichfett String Synth connected to the 2-Pole Filter. We love this combo because it is very simple to use and have a particular sound that is perfect for our music.

3. Yomox Mbase 01 and Mbrane 1_1

These two little monsters are really something. The Mbase is a super heavy Kick/Sub-bass similar to an 808 kick, and the Mbrane is a weird percussive membrane synth, very cool for creating crazy snares and glitches.

4. Rane Sixty-four Mixer

Despite being a Dj mixer and quite heavy to travel with, we use this a lot in our live gigs as it has 2 built in sound cards, so we can both connect to the four channels via the 2 available USB ports.

5. LVX Vidiot

This little modular video synth generates very cool video patterns we use for our live visuales, the really cool thing is that you can send a signal from a reglar audio modular synth and create synchronised effects, its a little bit unpredictable sometimes but that is what makes it fun.

Artist: Dengue Dengue Dengue
Title: Door To The Cosmos
Label: On The Corner Records
Release Date: 2020-07-31


Turn it up & enjoy!