What happens when you mix the best ingredients of synth wave, 80s avant-garde, electro-clash and house nuances? The answer to this question is given by Computerbandit from Europe, who landed a viral hit with his unique sound on Instagram with “You are digital” and gives us a glimpse into his well-equipped and cozy studio. This is also where his latest single “Popper, Punks & Porsche Drivers” was created. Let’s go.

Roland Juno 106 Synthesizer

Keep it simple! The Juno 106 is not a modulation monster but always asserts itself very well in the mix. No matter if bass, pads or lead sounds, it always has an authentic and powerful sound with 80s character. Of course, this always comes in handy in my productions with influences from the synthwave genre. I generally like devices that are limited in their possibilities. So you can concentrate on the essential and not be distracted by infinite possibilities. The motto – less is more – applies fully to the Juno.

Sequential OB6 Synthesizer

Love at second sight! At first I found the overtone rich basic sound a bit disturbing but it turned out that it harmonizes very well with my other devices due to its special 12dB SEM filter. For me once again the realization that the solo sound of a synthsizer still says nothing about how it integrates into your own productions. For me personally the best “new” synth currently on the market.

Nord Lead 4 Synthesizer

My Swiss Army Knife! Despite the digital design, the Nord Lead 4 cannot be replaced by any plugin for me. As a self-confessed NORD fan, I especially like the direct usability and the crystal clear sound in the upper mids. It can definitely sound digital too, but given enough attention and time, it can hold a candle to many an analog synth. In fact, it’s the unit in my studio that really gets used in every production.

Orban 424a Compressor/Limiter

For me, the Orban 424a is a compressor with a strong sonic character of its own. From subtle compression to alienation of audio material, everything is possible with it. I like to use it to process groups or the master bus and to achieve a certain “crunch” factor.

Audio Technica ATH-R70x Headphones

My Audio technical ATH-R70x headphones are an essential part of my everyday studio life. I have always loved using headphones for work, and this model is my absolute favorite. I had tried a lot of headphones at the time in all price ranges but it won out. The wearing comfort and especially its neutrality and linearity are awesome.

Computerbandit – Popper, Punks & Porsche Drivers | out now

Computerbandit – You Are Digital | out now