The contemporary dance space has no shortage of amazing emerging producers, so much so that it’s sometimes hard to stick out from the pack. Sheer originality might be harder to come by these days, but one man who definitely does tick these boxes is Italian DJ/producer Denis Ago. The man behind a seriously heavy tech house vibe, his is a way of working that continues top bring him to the attention of some of the scene’s foremost A&R men – with Mother boss Nhan Solo the latest to dig his many styles. Little wonder then, that Nhan quickly snapped up Denis’ killer track, ‘Don’t Stop’ as the latest release for the label. Get your ears around this one… you won’t be disappointed!
Hey hey – How are you, how has 2021 been for you?

Hi all well , 2021 was a difficult year of big changes, but the positive part is that we have again the open clubs and we can resume working. Thank goodness for that….
How was the pandemic for you and what effect did it have on your music taste and style?

Actually, the pandemic helped me to deepen my production and to spend many hours in the studio and therefore to improve the productions and above all the technical part of the pieces. So for me, personally, it helped me develop my sound even further.
Do you make music that suits certain labels or do you create first and worry about that later?

Most of the time I don’t point at a label but I produce what I have in mind, but I don’t deny that in certain situations I tried to approach what was the sound of the labels to get in, but it’s not something I love to do, I prefer to make music and then think where to publish it.
What are some of the key bits of music making gear in your current set up?

I always produce with Ableton and with all the packs that are inside, externally work with the Roland TR-8 as far as the drums are concerned, for the rest Sylent and Serum are the two plugins that I use for the bass and synth lines.
How do you work, do you have an idea in your head you work towards or do you just experiment and jam and see what happens?

It really depends on the situation; there are times when I start to create a drum and bass line and everything takes shape, or other times when I have a synth in my head a specific melody and so I try to replicate it as I think it.
Tell us about your EP for Mother Recordings  – what inspired or influenced it, where and when and who was it written for?

The song about Mother came to life through the vocal sampler that had complicated me from the start, I was able to work on everything around it to make it as special as possible.
What’s next for you?

At the moment I am waiting for contact with different labels, we hope well!
Keep up with Denis Ago on Facebook and Instagram. Denis Ago’s Don’t Stop is out now via Mother Recordings. Buy/listen to the release here