Japanese artist U:ICHI recently struck gold with his fantastic “Movement” EP on Spanish label Terranova Records. Melodic and deep techno brimming with emotion at the surface of every movement, the type of music that forces your thought process to steer clear of the norm. The Weaves founder has been pushing events with international artists in Japan, and starts to work his way around Europe. We were recently lucky enough to catch up with the talented artist and discuss his inspirations, the EP, and his studio space….

You can check out the release here – https://www.beatport.com/release/movement/3528221

Thanks for chatting with us today. How are you? and how was your summer?

Hi! Yes,fine

In Summer, not so special in summer of course because of the Covid situation. Basically I focused on making music, but I really enjoyed to DJ on Drunken Kongs party at WOMB , in August

Tell us about your background, how long have you been working in music?

I started DJ about 20years ago, but my production career is around 5 or 6years, especially by myself only. About 7-8years ago, I started my party ‘WEAVES’ for my resident with international artists. If I think about it now, it might of been the  first door for me .

We love the “Movement” release on Terranova Records, how did the release happen? Is there a story behind the tracks? Was you a fan of the label already?

Thank you so much!!

I have many Catalunya friends because I often went to Barcelona & Gerona before Covid.
So, I know Scoom Legacy, one of special artist in Gerona, he often released on Terranova and I checked it out. Reason why I already knew Terranova is because of it being a good melodic techno/house label in Spain.

Also I often post making music scene on my SNS. One day, Axel contacted me, and I submitted some of my songs. It was very natural flow

Story about…Umm… it’s not so special, but I started running near a river in Covid season. So my running situation brings me some of my melody imagination

When searching for new music, what do you look for?

Basically not so different from other DJs, so check promo, Beatport …But in the Covid situation,
sometimes I check DJ streaming shows I respect like YOTTO, Dosem, Edu Imbernon, 8kay, etc…

Musically, what inspires you?

Sometimes dancefloor, sometimes same as the answer to the question before, it’s not so hard to connect music like running. Sometimes memories of happy days, sad days …I think all of my life inspires me

Do you have more release plans arranged?

I don’t have specific announcement in currently, but some projects are in progress

What would be your ideal studio set up?

It’s a real problem, almost every Japanese apartment is very small & not a good fit for a big sound from a monitor…So I resolved this problem using very good monitor headphone, AKG.

Some day I want to improve my room condition

Thank you!!

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