Spooky Wave is born. Young and talented producer Rancel launches himself in at the deep end with a fantastic first release on his label – “The Enchanted Swell”. We caught up with the Spanish artist to see what he has planned…

Hi Rancel, how are you? Congratulations on launching your label, Spooky Wave last week. 

Hi, yeah I’m good. Thank you, I’m actually pretty overwhelmed with the amazing welcoming the EP has had since the release.

The idea of the label is to bring together your two loves music and bodyboarding, how long have you been bodyboarding? Why is it important to you to include these two things together? 

I started practicing bodyboarding when I was around 12 years old. Music and bodyboard have been my two strongest passions since I was little, so I thought it would be a good idea to share through my music the feelings and emotions that go through my head whilst I’m in the water. Bodyboarding has given me so many breathtaking experiences that can’t even compare to other events in my life, sometimes quite difficult to even express with words. Music is my personal way to portray it. 

Tell us a little bit about your background, where you are from? and when did you start producing and getting in to music? 

I’m from the sunny island of Gran Canaria, Spain. I’m 22 years old and from a very young age I was already in contact with music. When I was 8 I entered the conservatory to study saxophone and was there for 5 years. Naturally, my tastes in music shifted radically from a more classical view to a more electronic oriented genre. Afterwards, I would listen to the radio with my friends when we would go to the beach to bodyboard and would share our cool track finds. I would mostly listen to deep house and disco for a few years which was when I finally purchased my first mixing desk. I would practice mixing sessions whilst I’ll be digging in to new music when I finally started thinking about how I could take my music career to the next level. This was when I started producing minimal house at 18 years old, where I went through many styles and genres until I finally reached what I do nowadays, mixture of house, minimal, breakbeat, experimental…

Are you also DJing? 

Yes, before the pandemic I had played at many venues around Spain, such as in Menorca (Balearic Islands), Castellon (Valencia), Girona, Gran Canaria… I also ran two clubbing events here in Gran Canaria where I got Michael James to play in one of the nights with me and other artists from the island, which was pretty amazing. I really hope things go back to normal soon, so I am finally able to get back to the scene.

Are there any artists which particularly inspire you? 

I look up to a lot of old school artists, such as The Higher Intelligence Agency, Anthill Mob, Fila Brazillia, Naked Funk… But I also get inspired from some other new artists that are trending right now which are S. Moreira, Gene On Earth, Sweely…

What other plans do you have for the label? and as an artists? Do you have release finished already?

My future plans consist of basically releasing more albums that will continue to tell my story. Actually, I am currently working on the SW002, although I can’t reveal the final date yet… As an artist I’ve got a few fixed projects for this year, such as very interesting collabs, releasing by different separate labels, DJ podcast, and hopefully some gigs whenever it’s possible. 

Can you give us one track that can help us think of summer? (Youtube Link)

This track not only reminds me of summer but it’s also my ultimate favourite hidden track!

Thanks for your time!

Thank you for talking with me, had a great time answering your questions. 

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