We recently caught up with Ale De Tuglie to discuss his rising journey in the scene, and how his sound has adapted to consider every opportunity thrown at him.

Does winter, and the cold and darker days impact the music you make?

No, absolutely not, I always try to stay on the line, I like joyful and playful music (that’s what you can hear in my sets and productions to date); obviously weather sometimes may affect your mood, causing mood swings and all that may be related to them, but my music will never change.

And what about your DJ style and sounds, do they switch up to match the season too?

As said before, my DJ style is pretty much the same all year. Of course, according to the fact that the gig is outdoor or indoor, by spring/summer or by fall/winter, it may sound a little bit different. I mean, it’s not difficult to find me by fall/winter playing in indoor venues even more dubby/minimal/mental stuff rather than sunny vibes like I may do by spring/summer.

What were the lessons you learned as a resident with Music On?

For sure I learned to better understand new and different dancefloors, travelling all around the world and meeting a different audience than the Italian/European one. Also, to relate with even bigger audiences than I already did and improved even more my approach to the booth/dancefloor according to whether I’m warming up for a guest or I’m gonna play after him/her.

How different do you play as a resident vs a guest headliner somewhere else?

Right now, the only parties I’m playing as a resident are the Music On ones and, thus far, in most of them I’ve been covering the warm-up times; so, naturally, during a warm-up I wouldn’t push as that much as I would do during my set as a guest headliner where I can set my times, my style, even the speed, not having to care that much of who/what is coming later. As a guest headliner, it’s safe to assume you’re gonna cover a central time and, in that moment, you can stay sure people just want to enjoy themselves. It’s not like having to warm-up, to fill the dancefloor, almost having to “pamper” the crowd so that they can feel comfortable.

What have been your top three tunes of the year?

In no particularly order:

ANOTR & Abel Balder – Vertigo

PAWSA – Room Service (24 Hour Mix)

Ammo Avenue – That’s OK

What do you know now you wish you knew when you were younger?

Honestly don’t know, I think I always did the right thing and focused on my path and growing meticulously.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

I’m currently in the studio working on new music for 2023, I have a release expected to be released on Mason Collective’s WHIPPIN in February 2023, plus some intercontinental gigs that’ll take place between February and March 2023 and I’m gonna announce in the new year.

Is representation in dance music important do you think, so young people of all backgrounds, ages, races, colours, sexualities and religions can see themselves on stage and aspire to be the same?

ALL THE PEOPLE have the same rights, and this is an inalienable concept. ALL THE PEOPLE have the right to dream and aspire wherever they would like to be. It still sounds a little strange at the dawn of 2023 to have to hear discrimination regarding gender, sexuality, colours or races. Especially in music, this cannot be tolerated. What was born as a vehicle for unity among peoples cannot be dictated by the sometimes-retrograde mentality of some people who still base their lives on dictates of the past, perhaps sometimes even dictated by ignorance. So, back to your question, NATURALLY anyone is free to dream of being on that stage and BEING there if they prove that they deserve that place and have earned it.

You play Burning Beach in Bali soon – what can people expect from you?

Really cannot wait for it, also because I’m gonna stop over there for a few days and take the opportunity to enjoy nature, see tropical animals, and visit new places (I love all of this!). For sure people can expect from me a HAPPY and HOT set, I swear. Hope to play by day or with the sunlight too. I really like those hours and I can feel the serotonin flowing in me.

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