The cultural environment we insert ourselves into is fundamental for molding our characters as humans. As artists, those who somehow find a way to provide art that comes from the soul, are successful creating pieces that reflect their particular universes.

Bernardo Campos is a multi-artist who easily transmits this background through music. The Rio de Janeiro native adds this tropical look to House Music, formed by the addition of grooves and the use of Brazilian Portuguese vocals. That’s how the producer delivered 20 tracks in this year alone — and you can check out some of those on this playlist assembled by the DJ himself.

This ability to take a dip in refreshing sounds is worthy of a genuine Brazilian who immerses himself in his own roots — not only as a references’ source, but also as a source of experiences. He then acquired support from some of his “musical heroes” such as Laurent Garnier, which is a good indicator of quality of work from a career he built in over 16 years.

Bernardo also heads other projects such as the label party Underdogs, the record label Molotov21 and Nu Azeite , where, alongside Fábio Santanna, the duo dives into boogie timbres — something “cariocas” do like anyone else. 

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