Like a Tinder date that goes perfectly right, the powerhouse producers that are Droog and Edu Imbernon have joined forces to create some truly special tracks to stimulate our synapses. The Droog threesome have had a tremendous influence on the house and techno scene over the past 5 years with Culprit LA, but have somehow escaped a release of their own on the label until now.

Spectral’ is the perfect fusion of both talents culminating into their own distinct sound while taking us along for the ride.  The self-titled opener pulls us in with its atmospheric melodies and popping percussion, displaying a light and airy vibe that sweeps through our consciousness. ‘Smokefalls’ on the other hand, takes us on a darker journey, utilizing the perfect combination of deep moaning strings and pummeling sub bass peppered with frantic arpeggiated melodies lining the seams. Both Ruede Hagelstein and wAFF have their hands at a reinterpretation, each succeeding in building on the foundation while creating something that is irrefutably their own.


ARTIST: Ruede HagelsteinwAFFEdu ImbernonDroog (LA)
RELEASE DATE: 2015-07-27
LABEL: Culprit