Self-taught producer Idem Navi is a melodic techno maestro, renowned for his heavy beats, deep atmospheres and energetic sets at venues like WWll Submarine Bunker in Bordeaux and many clubs across Europe, whilst gaining notable support from the likes of Marco Carola, Richie Hawtin and Paco Osuna.

Following the release of his ‘Athena’ EP on Requested Soul Records, he now enlightens us with his ‘Top 10 Techno Lockdown Tracks’.

Kmyle – Rosen

Kmyle is one of my good friends, but despite the friendship we have this track would have landed here anyway. Rosen is pure genius to me, the main melody is next level and invites you to dive deep into a melancholia state full of hope and sadness while the beat just hit perfectly behind. Already said it but what an amazing job on this one Kmyle. 

747 – Heavens Arena

Heavens Arena is the last track of 747’s last album ‘Gate Of Life’ which I really enjoyed from start to finish. From the driving acid lead to the subtle melodies and from the big kicks to the gentle drums patterns, Rchan set up everything perfectly, inviting you to dive deep into his own acid and melancholic world. One of my favorite current releases!

Cryptik – Radiance

Cryptik aka Johannes Heil is one of my all-time favorite techno artists and as soon as I listened to Radiance for the first time, I fell in love. Heavy kicks, broken beats, mesmerising lead, epic synths, and amazing progression. It’s the perfect recipe for me just hit play if you don’t know about it yet.

Laval – Emotion Machine

Laval is a duo composed of Kmyle & Electric rescue and their track Emotion Machine is for me the best they have ever released. Not so much to say, everything is in the name. But big kicks, rolling bassline, heavy drums, and detuned synths on top of it make this emotion machine work perfectly. Hit play & enjoy it.

KAS:ST – Hell On Earth

What to say about Kasst… I choose Hell On Earth only because the video clip in the youtube video makes the music even better, but I could have randomly chosen other tracks from the duo but they’re the best artists out there at the moment for me. All of their music is different and brings a new breath to the techno scene in my opinion. Hell on Hearth reflects their vision.

Regal – Alma Mater

Alma mater is one of the first known tracks of the master Regal and despite his style nowadays is pretty different, this acid chill track is for me one of his best production ever. Always somewhere in my playlist ready to listen.

Idem Nevi – Athena

I choose my Athena as one of my ten tracks of the moment because this track means a lot to me. It’s the first-ever track we chose to release on my label Requested Soul Records and it’s also one of my productions favorite. This track is a driving and darkly hypnotic wedge of techno that never lets up. The drums hit hard, while the synths bring an air of thoughtfulness and mystery that keeps you intrigued.

Recondite – Cleric

I discovered Recondite while attending Awakenings some years ago and I remember getting stuck in front of his live set from beginning to end. One track caught my attention more than the others and this was Cleric, it has the Recondite vibe to it but more techno than what he is used to, and I think this fits perfectly. This is a timeless track I still listen regularly and this is why I decided to include it in the top ten.

Trentemoller – Intro The Trees

Trentemoller is someone I would love to hear more new music from but unfortunately he seems not really active these days. So I decided to choose one of the tracks I regularly listen to and one of his best tracks in my opinion – Into The Trees. It’s an old school minimal / techno from 2008 based on keeping and releasing a certain tension through hard synths, crazy rhythms, and an unforgettable epic baseline.

Jon Hopkins – Emerald Rush

Jon Hopkins is a true legend for me and I actually love everything he produces from ambient to techno. I choose Emerald rush because it’s from the last album he produced and this track totally blew my mind. The vibe he manages to install through the track is amazing, the sound design is incredible, the mixing/mastering is perfect and the video clip adds that little extra touch to make this track one of the best he  has ever made for me.

Idem Navi ‘Athena‘ EP is out now on Requested Soul Records.

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