Following their seventh Hottest Record “Dreams of You” which was released in October, British electronic duo Icarus have returned once again with a magnificent single “Meet Me There” featuring vocalist Nathan Ball.

“The concept for this body of work revolves around transformation, growth and evolution of self,” the brothers from Bristol explain. “We currently feel we’re at a juncture in our lives both personally and in a career sense. Over the last few years, people have entered and left our lives and we’ve both been through things that have made us grow significantly as people. 

This is our biggest and most important project to date and we feel that it not only marks the closing of a period of time but signifies a fresh, new and exciting one. These songs represent how our lives, personalities and ever-changing selves UNFOLD.”

Icarus, consisting of brothers Tom and Ian Griffiths, have been on a rapid ascent through both the UK and international dance charts with their vibrant beats, but they are also showing strong growth in musicality with the diversity of songs the duo has recently released. 

See Icarus live at their recently launched 2020 LIVE UK tour, which will begin at London’s Village Underground and YES Manchester on the 23rd and 24th of April respectively, before closing with a final show in their hometown, Bristol, at The Marble Factory on the 25th.

Listen to “Meet Me There” below: