Reported today across local Spanish press, an unidentified DJ in Ibiza has been arrested on suspicion of being the head of an international drugs trafficking gang in a 2 year joint Spanish and US operation.

The raids, codenamed Operation Pertinax resulted in a total of 21 arrests in Ibiza , Barcelona and Girona in mainland Spain netting 8 kilos of MDMA tablets (Molly) and Ketamine, 38 kilos of marijuana and 4500 plants, 45000€ and various computers and drug paraphernalia across 8 properties. Three arrests were also made in Miami, FL by Homeland security officers seizing 15 kilos of MDMA tablets and 14 kilos of liquid ketamine.

Spanish authorities claim the gang leader, a well known and active DJ in Ibiza, has used his extensive nightclub connections to sell the drugs and build his network, and due to the Covid-19 crisis has mainly supplied private parties on the island. Investigators believe the gang have distributed approximately 2 million pills over a three year period.